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Striders Backpack build with found parts


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Hi, can you please provide the "height" of your exhaust port block? Your picture showed the "length" as 13cm and the "width" as 5.5cm...I'm modeling one to 3d print and wanted to try to match your dimensions.

Also, if you had the length and diameter of your capacitors that would be great too. :)

Apologies if you posted these dimensions already and I missed them.

Thanks for sharing, you've given me something great to shoot for as I finally start building!

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2 hours ago, Marv said:

Where are all the pictures???

If they were stored on Photobucket - they are no longer able to hotlink images. 

Photobucket changed their free accounts around a year ago and now no longer allow hotlinking, unless you pay their ransom.

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