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  1. You are a machine! I barely find the time to finish some minor details lately... GORGEOUS!
  2. Geez, you really do never cease to amaze me, bro! That helmet is just stunning!
  3. I know Gino for years now and I highly doubt he will do so. His sense for accuracy is among the best I know of and his builds always surpass the very most of us. But he has never been very into sharing his knowledge. Don‘t get me wrong, in contrast to many others, I really can’t resent his behaviour! It’s just not his style and I can definitely live with it! (By the way, I really do hope one beautiful day he will change his thought and share his knowledge, at least with me, )
  4. Yeah, I’ve heard about that rules. On the other hand I know of at least three other guys with absolutely no problems having this scope shipped with other shipping companies. The worst thing is, that not even the original owner had a chance to get his scope back and decide what to do with it. In my personal opinion he, as original owner, or at least me as the new owner was stolen this scope without any further informations or possibility to do anything about it. I talked to various persons with more knowledge about that kind of rules or regulations and they agree that this specific rule is actually a US regulations that shouldn’t include UK sold items, even if shipped by a US based company. i wouldn’t wonder if that very same scope was or will be sold at a much higher price by a UK auction house. I feel cheated by eBay and their global shipping program ruined by Pitney Bowes, which not even had a email address to contact and discuss my problem! Anyway, I will never ever use this fu....ing global shipping program ever again! And I really do hope I will ever find a affordable scope somewhen....
  5. I soooo love this infrared scope! About three weeks ago I bought a Tabby on EBay.co.uk, already payed for it but unfortunatly the seller used EBay’s global shipping program to have it sent to me and guess what... Pitney Bowes, the company responsible for the global shipping program, held it back, literally stole it from the actual owner, ME, due to some legal acts dealing with war related items. They actually not even explained it to me any further but end of the line I was refunded the money I payed to the original owner, the original owner was payed the very same amount I was refunded and Pitney Bowes simply kept the scope... After countless corespondents with eBay and Pitney Bowes they stopped answering my requests and that’s it! Life is a bi..ch, huh? So if you ever buy any war related stuff avoid using eBay’s global shipping program at all costs!!!
  6. Hey Chris, i really like this specific configuration and did some research myself especially on those pouches. The only available and in my opinion correct canvas shoulder pouch is this one: Link to eBay auction I studied all available reference images and I’m convinced that this is the correct pouch seen on screen compared to other pouches especially because the small tool pouch has the non-trapezoid flap end and the closing mushroom cap rivet on the same place seen on screen. I bought one for my TD as well and I’m very happy with it. Only thing that isn’t absolutely correct is the length of the closing straps which could be a bit longer imho. Other than that the most accurate I know! But maybe wait a little before buying since the price is almost double of what I payed (£30) from the very same seller! The side pouches seem to be almost exact replicas off the German „Stolla Wien“ MP40 pouch and should be very close to their measurements. I also have two original WW2 Stolla Wien pouches and will provide with measurements as soon as I found them in my storage containers... I‘ll let you know, mate!
  7. The master and his apprentice, that’s the way it has to be! To TM you listen, couldn’t be in better hands! Thanks Paul for visiting the MEPD regularly to help by spreading your knowledge! Much appreciated!
  8. Stunning mate! I just love your attention to all those minor details that make the major difference!
  9. Nahhhh, you can’t go wrong with being nerdish, it’s STAR WARS! We are building fantasy sci-fi characters from a galaxy far, far away out of plastic....and we love it! As for the helmets... I tried to paint the black stripes on a TK helmet today and completely screwed it! It seems I don’t have the steady hand I’d need but I don’t want to use stencils or even worse decals... I need to find a good brush though, maybe a finer pinstriping brush will work... These minor painting details are my personal nightmare...
  10. That’s insane! I LOVE IT! That could pass as a original, bro! Since mine will be mounted on my TD backpack I will not go as far as you with the battery compartment but I will definitely revisiting it. Yours is the new standard for replica Sonix‘s from now on but I will try to come close...
  11. Cheers, Paul! I just bought a tin of #221 from Italy! I will think about repainting my ab buttons once more, maybe I’d go for the new color then...
  12. I sooooo hate you! Haha, nah, not really! Outstanding work, Urs! It’s your attention to those tiny details we’re keen on... To replicate even the inner battery compartment is a new level of nerdiness, you know that, right?!? And I love you for that! Whenever I see your builds, I get this strong feeling that I need to get back to my builds and reach up to your level! Even when I was already pleased with my results! But back to your lovely build, I don’t want to derail your thread, bro! What pleather did you use for your surround? I’m not really happy with the one that came with my woodman kit.
  13. That’s great info, Paul! I will try #221 on my next helmet! Thanks again! (Again and again, mate!) I just had a quick look for that paint. Is it enamel or acrylic? It looks like Humbrol changes their paints from time to time so that #221 enamel is currently unavailable in Germany and was replaced with RC404 (acrylic). But I found a Italian supplier still offering #221 enamel if this is the correct paint...
  14. Thanks for clarification, Paul! Do you use a custom paint for the tube stripes or just acrylic Humbrol? I still hate painting these minor details as I don’t have a steady hand for straight lines or even better curves. What kind of brush do you use for example the black stripes on the trapezoids on the helmet or any other fine outlines?!? Sorry for asking all that stuff but who knows more about all these kinda things??? How about the blue buttons on the belly plates? Originally matt blue and only appear glossy after the prop department did some repainting? At least I can see glossy buttons on some belly plates, like on my reference picture, or am I mistaking? Forgive me as I am a little colorblind which can be a pain in the a... when doing comparisons!
  15. Hey Paul, thanks again! It looks like I have to do the repaint now. When you say, the correct matt blue paint, do you mean the original blue was matt and only look glossy after they repainted it? I always wondered why it looked so much more glossy as on the helmet tube stripes.
  16. Hey Paul, thanks, thanks for chiming in, I really appreciate all your input! Actually I thought the same and judging by your picture I can clearly see it for the grey buttons but I’m still unsure with the blues. Don’t get me wrong your ow how much I envy you (in a good way) for all your knowledge and skills but I haven’t seen any reference picture to convince me yet. Are you sure or is it just your guess? (I’m a little afraid of the answer, I can already see me repaint it again... )
  17. Gorgeous Urs, you did it again! You’re a detail nut just like me, I hope I can achieve a similar nice helmet when I’m getting back to my Davon helmet again. For now it took me almost two weeks to add some more minor details to my TK bust. Take a look here When I’m going on with the same speed the Felth helmet will be finished around 2030! Note to myself: Never ever give away any reference pictures to Urs again, so that he can’t set the standard higher! Nah, just kidding, bro!
  18. Again, minor updates to my TK bust, sadly time is too limited to go on with the Davin helmet atm... First I finished the backside by adding a accurate Thermal Detonator by TM since I bought the TE2 armor in TD specification back then. added some white duct tape on areas as can be seen in ANH... (yeah, I know, nerdish but I love those minor details) received the missing ab plates from TM. (Thanks again, Paul!) Since the armor parts where painted with spray paint I also had to paint these before applying the blue and grey., Additionally I made some very small modifications to the buttons... actually I was again captured but those minor details, so I first painted all buttons black like on the screenused plates before I finally added blue and grey. I might add a little more wear and tear later on... Btw. I also ordered a pair of ESB hand plates, that way I can switch to ESB mode when I’m finished with the ESB helmet...
  19. Would be also curious to see them again, Urs! I had the same trouble with all my Photobucket hosted pictures, still get angry when I just think of their policy changes...
  20. Hey Christian, I think we just talked over at the RPF, welcome to the MEPD! Schönen Gruß aus Viersen!
  21. I also tried to find out about the correct name for that specific pouch but wasn’t lucky to actually find one. Of course you’re right there has to be a correct name for this pouch but at least I can’t be of any further help. Interestingly I found my original vintage pouch years ago under the name “spanish ammunition pouch” on eBay! Anyway since my lucky find I tried to find more in the last few years and beside of one that sold for over 200€ two years ago I sadly wasn’t able to find another one.
  22. Could you please include a picture of these new parts?!
  23. Cheers bro! Great to see you back here, haven’t seen you for a while, Juan! Looks like the old gang is back in town, huh?!?
  24. Slightly better picture...
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