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  1. Another tip: do the painting work right at the end. Build everything, disassemble and paint it, then put it together. Prevents scratches and damage
  2. A good start. I'm excited about the progress. Note: I would have shortened the mortar tube later, when you can estimate the length in relation to the backpack.
  3. Hello Joey, For the radio chatter look here: To access merch, please enter a costume link here: Regards Thomas
  4. bigwam

    New troop

    Hello Ian, welcome here in the MEPD
  5. Great work, i like it. Absolutely! One thing - the rubber is a little bit to long:
  6. For which sound do you need a sound glove? I know that with the Tusken or Jawa. But what do you want to play as a Sandtrooper?
  7. Hello Sedriss, We have raised the issue with the Command Staff. The only option: Commant on a forum post and your GML fix the status. GMLs are the one to grant proper detachment rights.
  8. Hi, remove the 2 plastic ammo boxes from the belt. Regards Thomas
  9. Look here in my thread, there are some pics from my built:
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