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  1. Can also be my fault. I forgot to give you the PO status. got that done I contacted him.
  2. Hello Brad, You can also do the basic approval (level 1) without a backpack. It is only mandatory from level 2. Regards bigwam
  3. The command applied: the little one to the front. The nice one to the back.
  4. 71. "Stars of the Galaxy" Forum Allgäu Kempten. 28.01.23
  5. There was an update two weeks ago, maybe that's the error. I will ask.
  6. Good morning, I will forward the question to those responsible.
  7. Hi Brandon, welcome to the forum. If you have any questions or need help, we hope we can help.
  8. Looks good. Wait for repaint the Shows. After weathering the Armor it might look good.
  9. Hello Pascal, welcome here. Regards bigwam
  10. Hello Luke, you are on the right track. So far you have only bought top quality. The Blaster from AAP is recommended, and it was my first choice. Likewise Trooper1's pauldrons. I don't know any better ones. Regards bigwam
  11. That looks very cool. I would really like a parade of lights like that.
  12. Unfortunately I don't know, I'm registered in several detachments but my home is the MEPD. I look forward to pictures of your Troopers!
  13. Hello and welcome here! This is the right place for your Costume. Let see us pics from your built!
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