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    24/07/2021 - Cinefan Festival Úbeda 1/2
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    59. Panzerkaserne Böblingen, Great & Meet. 25.07.2021
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    Hello all, give me a few days and I will share my digitally scanned model of the Sonix/Northstar, it’s as accurate as one could ever hope for without having an original radio. I’ve broken it down into easier to print pieces. I also made the main box with hex head anchor points and a hollow back to save weight. Cheers, Hollywood
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    Hello there! Alberto Kenobi (Alberto Miguel Pino Lozano) TD14418 requesting 501st access please. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=27919&costumeID=122 Thank you mate!
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    TD-37077 requesting 501stlegion access, thanks
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    I have an older pack (i believe dirty boy's) that has served me well. but now I want to update it. I'm printing a canteen atm. I also plan to replace the bottles. im getting tired of repainting them. are the bottles on this pack still considered correct in size? I have looked but can't find any measurements. I also plan to use battleship grey if thats correct. What else should I change, update?
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    29/05/2021 - Sorteo del Oro Cruz Roja Española (Andújar, Jaén). ¡Primera Misión!
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    Just waiting on some accurate 3.5mm sockets to arrive. Holes already built into the 3D print of the main box...just need to pierce the leather wrap and screw in.
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    3D printed in PLA at .12mm layer height, then a coat of acrylic primer filler to add a layer of smoothness. A gentle wet rub with 600 grit wet and dry. a coat of flat black and some dry brush weathering (Valejo Dark Flesh) to get in all the nooks and crannies like sand would.
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    @Alberto Kenobi access granted, welcome!!
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    Hi Michael, welcome back (soon with Pack) ... We recently started a few topics about the individual packs and their individual parts, there are also some excellent WIPs included. Start a construction report and you will be helped !! http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/4-field-backpack/ Regards, bigwam
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    @tehisidon @Candyman @Deakin Thwell
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    Hello RedMorpheus from Germany here! Building my TD for a few months now. Hope to finish the suit maybe end of summer this year. Will share some Pics, when its ready. Best Regards!
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    Sounds great, sir, and thanks for the tips!
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    The name's Urs. You take a little bit of water and some drops of the vallejo paint, the mixture depend on how dirty you want it. For really dirty spots, I use a quite thick mixture of black and water first and apply it with a brush, I then use a paper towel to dabb some of it off again to achieve a natural look. I do the same with the earth colour. Especially for some of the crevices you want a little more colour and less water. After the heavy-weathering spots have dried overnight, I use a mixture of less colour with more water and dabb most of it off again after having applied it with a paintbrush again. You just repeat this process until you have reached the right level of sand dirt and grime. It may take some practise but the cool thing is, with a wet paper towel, you take it all off again if you don't like it. If you are finally happy with your weathering, you can seal it with clear coat. Bigwam always does this but I have never done it as I find the weathering to be quite durable enough. Keep in mind that it will be much harder to change your weathering as soon as the clear coat has been applied.
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    Yeah! I like that helmet, good job mate! High brow ftw.
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    I only use a bottle of regular black acrylic paint watered down and vallejo game color earth, also mixed with water (the same as bigwam has mentioned above). That's it.
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    I use Vallejo colors tierra Earth, leather brown, chocolate brown & black
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    I prefer the more natural look also. I’m using fullers earth, sand paper and aqua net sealer. I don’t want to look like I crawled out of the sewer, lol. Weathering is definitely tricky. Very easy to over do. I’m using a 220 grit sanding sponge to pull back my weathering.
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    Great, i like the weathering style
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    Finished up my helmet and replaced my old canteen with the Lionstar. I’m looking forward to finishing up my armor so I can where this pack!
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    Thanks for stepping up Peter.
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    Hey Peter, that's great! Welcome!
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    You want to try and make the moulded strips the same size both sides before you glue the cover strips on, something like this.
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    Great, welcome Peter!
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    I am happy to announce that Peter T, 4Runner, has stepped up to become our PR officer.
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    For me the exhaust port housing is definitely rounded, have a look at the shadow on the top bottle and compare, look how it is with yours. That said great build if I can get 5 minutes to myself will crack on with mine.
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    Hello fellow officers! Did my first troop as a deployed MEPD police officer yesterday. The convention was a new one here in Orlando, and let's just say it was a bit more "adult" oriented than we thought. In fact our squad was pretty surprised by some of the other cosplayers. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. Suffice it to say, I'm posting some of the more tasteful and fun pics we took. Not much stuff at the convention worth showing you, but these were cool and fun, with the backdrops and such. Lessons learned: avoid tables selling sex toys, LOL. Also, I need to work on shortening my straps and accounting for how the elastic suspenders I'm using cause the pack to slide down on my back. I can fix this easily. The material I'm using is really comfortable on my shoulders, given that the pack weighs nearly thirteen pounds! I'm hesitant to use nylon and big pads given how clean a look I can achieve with the thick elastic, but we shall see... 1st Arrest: Event Name: VilliconVenue: Wyndham Orlando ResortVenue address: 8001 International DrOrlando, Florida32819USAEvent Start: 06/26/2021 - 12 PMEvent End: 06/26/2021 - 8 PM Villicon is a new convention in Orlando that celebrates villains, misfits and offbeat characters in the fandoms we love. We would like to welcome the 501st legion to this event with a free 10x10 booth and the ability to collect donations for any charity of their choice.
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    The one picture in my previous post showing the grip also shows that I have used liquid masking fluid again before the final paint was applied. For the Sterling parts I used VH1 Crinkle paint while satin matte black was applied to the back end. Started to assemble all the parts, for most, I went completely overboard with glue and screws. And here is the completed blaster after weathering: And here are all the different Bapty versions I have built so far, some screen-accurate, some just being creative interpretations of the original concepts.
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    Hi! I can't remember if I did It before so TD-22030 tehisidon requesting MEPD access as Sandtrooper https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=32515&costumeID=2 Best regards! And thank you so much!
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    Hello! Requesting MEPD access please! Rafael Parodi de Porres TD-40521 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=33671&costumeID=2 Thanks!
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