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  2. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post in but here goes. I have been with the 501st since 2019 and I am currently part of the SLD and JRS detachments. I am the current GEC of Knightfall Garrison. Unfortunately, one of our members is looking to retire after more than 10 years in and he is looking to move on his Sandy which was Police officer approved (TD-11165 approval). This is a great looking kit and I've always wanted to do a Sandy. Main concern is the Efx helmet although he has done all required mods (teeth, mic tips, screws, lens, filled in seams, weathered, painted tube stripes/traps/tears/vocoder). The issue is what appears to be mould lines on the right side. I think I should be able to file/sand these down. It is only on the outside and not on the inside (like an actual seam). Any thoughts or suggestions? I will need to make some adjustments to the thighs and ab plate to suit my frame though and I might play around with the weathering. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  4. Hello.....this is Rodrigo TD9841 from Mexico, Jundland wastes wolves patrol leader Sandtrooper since 2013 and ready to serve. Asking fort Chief Media Officer(PRO) position
  5. Building my backpack at the moment and only needing one item. Which is the Lionstar canteen. Please email me if anyone has a vendor at jaylready@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.
  6. 104 - Valentine's Day fest - Medicine school - (feb-14-2024) - Durango City
  7. Valentine's Day fest - Medicine school - (feb-14-2024) - Durango City
  8. 103 - Science & technology fair - Refugio Salcido school - (feb-09-2024) - Durango México
  9. Science & technology fair - Refugio Salcido school - (feb-09-2024) - Durango México
  10. I'm sorry you see it that way. But there are procedures that must be followed. I think you're just concerned with the principle and you won't deviate from your point of view.
  11. This comment below seems silly to me when I built a screen accurate costume. It’s all good the MEPD isn’t for me. Thank you for your time. “If it's so important to you not to have one, then rent a pauldron, add the basic and leave it out later.”
  12. WELCOME to the sandbox Trooper! Nice to have you on the team!
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  14. Thank you Bigwam and Punisha for the advice. Speaking of the advice I have photos of the completed trimming and I want to know does it look ok for a beginner like me? Also I have some red arrows pointed at the shoulders since correct me if im wrong but they should be short in length and if so how far should I trim the shoulders for the back and chest plate? Finally, maybe by next week I will put these parts together but how long should the white elastic straps should be that will hold the the two pieces together? Result:
  15. Hello MEPD, I am cross-posting this interest thread for a memorial patch for Terrell Reber, the maker of ATA Works Armor. He was a major part of the costuming supply for our community. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/54402-terrell-reber-supertrooper-ata-memorial-patch-interest-thread/
  16. Thank you all for trusting me with another year as DL for the best Detachment in the Legion. If anyone wants to volunteer for command positions, we have a couple of openings. We need a new MBO for the 2024 year. If you are interested PM me to discuss. We have some merch ideas and are open to new ideas from the new officer. I would like to thank Two-squirrels for the amazing job he did with our merch! Executive Officer (XO): Jason Yap ( Airborne Trooper) TD-82573 Merchandise Officer (MBO): Open to Volunteers Deployment Officer (DO): Thomas Herodek(bigwam) TD-30571 Deployment Officer( DO): Urs Tischhauser(Hausi) TD-21027 Deployment Officer (DO): Michael Ramirez(Scribbler) TD-6985 Deployment Officer (DO): Justus Parinussa(Dutchy) TD-1560 Financial Officer( FO): Jay Parsons(trooper1) TD-3936 Sergeant at Arms (SAA): Michael Ramirez(Scribbler) TD-6985 Detachment Costume Advisor: Open to Volunteers (This position is to help members on the Legion forums) Detachment Diversity Officer (DDO)- Quinn Brown (SandEEQuiNN) TD-91197 Detachment Archivist and Historian: Open to Volunteers MEPD Liasion (ML) and Intelligence Officer: Kyle Good (Kgood) TD-19768 MEPD Liaison (ML) and Intelligence Officer: Kirk Folsom (Lovemonkey)TD-18542 Chief Media Officer(PRO): Open to Volunteers(This position is to post to MEPD social media) Systems Admin (SA): Damon Degner (Happytrooperdotcom) TD-10900
  17. Oh, well that is interesting, I just found the group and submitted Thanks!
  18. There is an MEPD social page that is for members only. That page has a lot more activity
  19. I agreed with Bigwam, my return edge is very thin
  20. Hello everyone, TD11559 from Israel outpost here : ) I joined recently, and I wonder to ask, I noticed that unlike other detachments the MEPD is barely active at all, the last post were around 2020 or 2021 or something like that, am I missing something? is there any different Facebook page? I would love to know, thanks in advance
  21. Well hello there! I am glad to say I am quite new, both in the forums and the MEPD my first outfit was a shadow scout, TX11559, however recently I got approved and got my sand trooper kit (Walter) So, first of all, hello! I am excited to be part of the forums, and can't wait to be in more troops, I have uploaded a picture which was my first troop with the outfit, helping with adoption day for dogs, walk around the city, and having kids and people getting excited Best regards, Barak - TX/TD11559 - Israel outpost.
  22. I would make the returnedge on the chest and back no more than 3 - 4 mm. At the top, towards the shoulders, I would pretty much go for 1 mm, as a strong RE can put pressure on the shoulders.
  23. Hello MEPD members, Outside of posting my progress on the Backpack thread, I want to show my progress on my AM armor and ask genuine questions on creating my sandy armor in order to become a Police Officer. Not shown yet is I have made progress on my armor as I have one of the lower leg piece is trimmed and my bucket is almost completed. Eventually, I will show my bucket completed for some feedback. On the other hand I have pictures of both the chest and back plate armor on certain sides for a better visualization. These pieces came in trimmed and I know I would need to trim these parts even more to fit them on my body in order to replicate what was shown on screen, how far should I cut off the walls off the chest and back plates minus the bottom walls(Shown in the back potions of the pieces)? Also are there anymore places on these pieces that I should cut and trim? I hope I don't sound too confusing in this post, I just need help and advice with building my armor in order to become a PO. Chest: Back:
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