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  2. Hi, remove the 2 plastic ammo boxes from the belt. Regards Thomas
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  4. Hey all Current TK here. Going to be converting in the next few weeks and I want make sure I have it right. Remove the main button plate. Change out the other plate to the 3 buttons. Swap over to the diamond knee plate Remove the plastic shoulder straps Add pauldron. I think the color is personal choice of it's not a screen configuration (thinking black Adding 2 ammo pouches I'll be adding the backpack but that's a longer process as a gather items. I think the backpack is optional And my personal favorite, weathering. Did miss anything?
  5. Look here in my thread, there are some pics from my built:
  6. 36. Downpatrick Culture Festival 22 Sept 2023
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  8. Is this the bra hook system used for Centurion approval? If so, can you go into brief detail on how to go about it? I'm only somewhat familiar with original TK/TD costume construction.
  9. Hi Samuel You can try using a hairdryer. But please be careful. If you heat it up too quickly and the ABS gets too hot, you won't be able to get it back into shape. Velcro for the calves is OK and holds well, but I would still use the original hook system, so the calves remain somewhat flexible. Regards Thomas
  10. Planet Comicon (Day 2), Kansas City, MO; 3/18/2023 (had forgotten about this one for the incentive thinking it was prior to March 1st, but it was actually March 18th)
  11. JDRF Kick Off, Ashland, NE; 7/8/2023 OCon-Day 1, Council Bluffs, IA; 7/21/2023 Norfolk Disability Pride Event, Norfolk, NE; 7/29/2023
  12. Firstly, I'd like to thank the staff for accepting me into this forum. It'll be great to get to know all of you and learn many things here! This is my first post here, and albeit this topic in particular would be more appropriate for the FISD forum, I figured I would sign up and ask questions here first, since all (for the time being) will be pertaining to my sandtrooper kit. I have a complete kit, but now I am working to optimize certain sections for a more practical and comfortable costuming experience. I'm currently working on a way to close up the calves better. For now, I have a basic Velcro setup in place, which gets by, but not as comfortably as I want, especially with the right calf. As you can see in the photos, the ends are greatly angled away from each other, so much so that the Velcro has to make a great effort to keep them together. To make matters worse, one end on the right calf has a distinct S-curve, while the other doesn't, which makes for even less contact. This brought me to my first possible solution: clamp the ends down together and use heat to shape the entire piece such that the ends are more parallel and will bond easier. I tried this to no avail. Since then, I have considered two more ideas that may work: A.) Use rare earth magnets/metal strips (I've heard N52s would be best) B.) Create some sort of hook system How should I go about this? Should I persist with the heat method, or should I implement a new system altogether? Let me know your thoughts, thanks!
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  14. Nicholas Mahoney Garrison Titan 501st Legion Headquarters - Viewing profile - Heatblur TD-13848 Respectfully requesting access, thank you.
  15. Good morning, You're really getting into it. You're right, the armor pieces as well as the helmets and the accessories were swapped several times. This means you can always see new variations and details in the individual scenes. Thumbs up, the trooper will definitely be great. I'm really excited about the end result. Below, this will be a "cheesegrater". Do you want to cast it yourself out of latex?
  16. Thanks Thomas! Something a bit different from me... I'm currently waiting for some RAL 7034 spraypaint to arrive so I can convert my helmet into a "totally not ABS" HDPE version, and I had some time on my hands. I wanted to see if I could digitally rotate the breastplate of my trooper to make the dirt pattern more visible, and I think I made a discovery that could be relevant. For this I 3d-scanned the breastplate to get a rough digital model and aligned it with a screenshot of the roadblock scene. I then used Blender to project the scene through the camera onto the breastplate. This enabled me to rotate the armor and view it from the front. To my surprise I discovered that the chestplate is the same one that was used for the captain in the Garinden scene! The "scratches" in the middle are partly hidden from view and there is some distortion, but the dirt stains on the left are a perfect match. This means that for the RT-97C private, the clamshell of the Garinden captain can be used as reference for the weathering, and there is less guesswork involved. From the looks of it the right shoulder bell is a match too, so I guess it was permanently connected to this particular clamshell during the shoot. Also, this right here is ready for printing! Any idea what it could be? .... (okay, it says what it is in the image, haha)
  17. 9/4/2023 TD78271 Meir Hospital Israel Outpost
  18. 7/30/2023 TD78271 Beit Hadar - Ashdod Nursing, Rehabilitation and Medical Center. Israel Outpost
  19. Hello everyone, glad to be part of the forum. The electronics section of the forum seems to be a bit abandoned (last post 5 years ago?), so hopefully this one sees enough people. I have a full commissioned set of Sandtrooper armor from RS, but it still needs some fine details (mainly pouches) before I submit for deployment. I'm wondering if anybody has recommendations on what I can use as a good voice changer mic setup as a Sandtrooper? Seems like a lot of people use the TRamp system, I reached out to the creator and haven't heard back. I tried going a more economical route by trying the "trooper talk" app on iOS. Maybe I wasn't setting it up properly, but the ear bleeding feedback from the speaker and mic from every little sound (even the static bursts left my ears ringing) made it unbearable to use. And that's not including the monstrosity of a user experience and UI nightmare that it is. It also seems like the developer of that app is completely MIA. He popped into this forum 7 years ago to advertise it, and then just disappeared. If anyone has been able to get it to work, let me know. I even took all of his suggestions by getting the correct aux splitter, headset, speaker, etc. Any help is appreciated!
  20. Same question for @SCRIBBLER , not connected since april for the PO certificate ?
  21. @Sandman Tigui seems not to be connected since november 2021 , still the one to send pics for the rosters ?
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