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  2. No problem, thanks for the quick reply ✌️
  3. Thank you Hausi, I’ll definitely keep you all updated as I go. I’m a little hesitant to trim it as it’s a great bit of kit. However, if I don’t start it, I won’t get it approved
  4. Can also be my fault. I forgot to give you the PO status. got that done I contacted him.
  5. Hey @bigwam is there anyone else I can contact who might have one available to purchase? Haven’t had any response from Punisha. thanks ✌️
  6. Hi Matt and welcome to the MEPD. As long as the back coverstrips haven't been glued with superglue, it should be fairly easy, even with superglue, it shouldn't be that difficult. Since you are going to reduce the size, you can cut out the back coverstrips, adjust the size and glue on a new coverstrip. Keep us posted on your progress. Cheers mate
  7. G’day everyone, I’m Matt and from Queensland Australia. I’m a member of the Redback Garrison with my TIE Fighter Pilot kit and recently picked up a Sandy from a member who was no longer trooping. As luck would have it, it mostly fits well, just the thighs are a bit big for me. So now I’m brain storming how to trim them down without wrecking them as it is a nice kit. I can’t wait to join the MEPD
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  9. I've made a couple from this template. A little trial & error but they turned out great.
  10. Trooping incentives would be fun! I know some folks who dedicate a whole lot of time to the troop logs for the purpose of some incentive patches/coins.
  11. Sorry for the late reply. I tried to access the forums the day or two after my post but I wasn’t able to connect to the server. That being said. what would I like to see more of? I’m not entirely sure. By way of suggesting what we should add, I do not know, I haven’t spent much time on other forums of any kind. For what I do know though, I’d say build threads, because I’m interested in how everyone makes there armor and webs it all together, everyone does something a little different. I’ve seen people in my garrison use Velcro to connect the kidney plate to the abdominal plate and just clamshell themselves in. I use a lot of snaps which make it harder to get into my kit myself. So stuff like that I like to see. I’d like to eventually see more costumes in the MEPD, but that isn’t something we have a lot of control over. I would like to see everyone’s "tour of duty" photos since I like seeing what other garrisons are up to. There aren’t a lot of sand troopers in my garrison that currently wear their armor (its pretty much just me right now), so I’d like to see more pictures and stories. After all that would help our public relations team out quite a bit. More social media posts mean more exposure. More exposure means more potential members, which would potentially liven up the forums. it makes sense that troopers view the forums as a reference more than anything. We’ve been making the same few costumes for a while now and it seems we’ve covered a lot of ground because of that. being asked what I would like to see, I'm interested in what everyone else thinks we should do. last year during the elections, I remember reading that making the forums more active was one of the goals. I think we should continue to work on that. I was going to suggest we do a poll before the elections, since I think more people would check in at that time. But like I said, I couldn’t connect to the server for a bit. I don’t know how polls during the election would work, but maybe that is something we can look into, if not after the elections have completed.
  12. Hello Brad, You can also do the basic approval (level 1) without a backpack. It is only mandatory from level 2. Regards bigwam
  13. Hello! Fellow Michigan SandTrooper here although I am in the Northern Darkness Garrison because I live 3 miles from the Indiana border. Where in MI are you from?
  14. Currently saving up for a kit from Jim Tripon. I may go ahead and dye my plash palatka while I’m in the process of saving. Haven’t decided yet.
  15. Requesting Sandtrooper Access Matt Schraeder Schraeds 99920 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17966
  16. The command applied: the little one to the front. The nice one to the back.
  17. Great picture! ...but you Sandtroopers should be standing in the front row around the boss.
  18. 71. "Stars of the Galaxy" Forum Allgäu Kempten. 28.01.23
  19. Hello! requesting 501st access, thanks! TK 99901 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=20795&costumeID=139
  20. As this pack is mainly seen with a Stolla Wien shoulder pouch as in the following pic: The canvas pouch was never going to be more than a temporary place holder. I have now replaced it with a real Stolla which I have painted using black spraypaint for leather after rubbing it down with some acetone beforehand. I have then added a snap and a loop to attach it to the shoulder strap. Finally I gave it a weathering which consisted mainly of a wash with watered-down acrylic paint, bunt umber and black. While the paint was still a little wet, I used a paintbrush to apply some fullers earth, it´s the first time that I have used this technique and I am very happy with the result. However, personally I wouldn´t use it on my armor though. Here´s a comparison of the Stolla and the canvas MP40 pouch. And this is what it looks like after weathering and attached to the shoulder strap And since I have moved house, I have enough space to display my packs hanging on the wall.
  21. Hey everyone, I have since had the chance to wear my new pack and it was awesome. It is quite a bit lighter than my pack #3 and sits very comfortably on my back, I would really recommend adding foam padding to the back of the seed trays to everyone, it really protects your armor. Sorry for the rather low res quality of the picture but it´s the only one where you can actually see a bit of it.
  22. Question for the OP - what would you like to see more of on the forum? While I don't post often here, I check in every few days or so to see if there are content I can contribute to / be interested in. Fact of the matter is, there's already so much awesome info on this forum I think of it more as a reference than anything else, and I think that's how a lot of troopers approach it. I'm in all the detachment forums, and not all are super active. Off the top of my head, I think the active ones are all somewhat tied to costumes that appeared in the new media coming out. The rest who don't have as much new characters are fairly quiet with an engaged core staff (usually) that monitors and shows up to answer questions. So, back to the original question - what would you like to see more of on the forum? Might help give the command here better feedback.
  23. There was an update two weeks ago, maybe that's the error. I will ask.
  24. Thanks for sharing your progress. Looks great. That canteen is rare find. Way to go.
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