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  1. Ghoulish Gardens Adventure, Omaha, Nebraska; 10/30/2022
  2. Make-A-Wish - Blue Jean Ball, Omaha, Nebraska; 4/2/2022
  3. Step Up For Downs Syndrome Walk, Lincoln, Nebraska; 10/2/2021
  4. Excellent work, Raymond!! Congrats on your Deployment..!
  5. ...finally able to get out there and log my first troop as a Sandy..! Wyatt’s Polar Plunge 4/24/21
  6. Congratulations, Thomas!! Right-from-the-screen PERFECTION!!
  7. Nice work, Helder, congratulations!!! It looked great before, but those updated photos of the added weathering look incredible..!! Top notch!!
  8. I love that look with the paint chips exposing the dark green underneath. Authentic as ****!!
  9. Thank you Jason!! I’m absolutely happy to share it..! Honestly there were a couple of times during the process, especially toward the end, where I cocked my head to the side looking at it and thought to myself, “holy s#!t, that worked..?!!”
  10. Thank you very much, Gentlemen..! And Thomas thank you again for the review!! Definitely noting the suggestions on the knee armor, as well as the pack frame!! Such a proud moment to be initiated among the best of Mos Eisley’s Police Department!! Thank you!!
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