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  1. Please provide your TD# so I can lookup your profile on 501st member search
  2. Perfect! I think we will combine all videos towards end of the year.
  3. Originally end of April but we haven't had any submissions yet so this will probably go for a while so we can build up enough clips
  4. I have been terrible about updating my own troop log. I’m getting back into it now though.
  5. What is your TD # so I can grant your rights on the forum, please.
  6. I believe mine have balsa wood or some other filling light weight wood painted black. The little pouch has foam in it.
  7. Many garrisons have a stylized format they follow as well as a registered number for each card. We are in discussions of doing a MEPD template that will need Legion approval etc.
  8. Please add your photo and troop info on the Trooper Incentive thread! Looks like you had a good time!
  9. I'm going to show my age here but I was introduced to SW's in the 90s when it was re-released in theaters. Ever since seeing ANH for the first time, I have always loved the sandtrooper. It took me quite a while to finally join but in 2015 I made my initial purchase and was added to the 501st in December 2015. A few years later, I was asked to join the command staff and I've been involved ever since. I have added a Jawa to my costume inventory because even though my sandtrooper is my absolute favorite and passion, I can't wear it at all day troops anymore and sometimes its simply easier to be more mobile as I am too short and not in shape enough to sit down etc. in armor. A couple years ago I was reached out to by a recruit in my garrison. I have helped him every step of the way and continue to motivate him to submit his PO application and he's nearly there. Life sometimes gets in the way. I'm hoping this 2023 term brings life back into MEPD. We're all very motivated and have some great things in the pipeline. I am also hoping to get people motivated by running the Trooper Incentive Program. Get sandies to share their troops and post their troop logs.
  10. 2 hours to get all the clubs and detachments done…. What could go wrong lol.
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