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  1. TD 72822, troop number 2 - Supanova 23rd April 2023
  2. TD72822 at Kidsflix in Chadstone, Victoria on 18th March 2023. I'm the one on the right.
  3. Looking good. You mention abs so I'm guessing this is an 850 armourworks kit? Have you got your plash and bandolier?
  4. I've only ever seen pics from the toy, I'm pretty sure they never made the movie. My guess is it was something from early costume design, which is why the toy has it, that was then abandoned in favour of using existing props. Unfortunately there is little in the way of behind the scenes material for us.
  5. maybe even a patch that celebrates all the MEPD costumes not just the sandies?
  6. Ah, I didnt see the pic properly, I thought it was attached.
  7. Are you leaving the abs / cod as one piece or seperating them?
  8. Not necessarily, the split between the kidney and ab plate should be 70 degrees, the ones from the OT (like this) are vertical. My advice is to speak to your GML, it’s their ultimate decision, not ours.
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