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  1. TD 10743 - Special Olympics New Mexico - State Summer Games May 20, 2023 https://imgur.com/a/BaBcFma
  2. Thank you. I’ll share that wit our garrison.
  3. Sounds like a fun thing. I’ll try to get around to it.
  4. Great find. Thank you for sharing this.
  5. Heyo, I joined in 2015. I pop in and out the past two years due to medical things going on with me. And I haven’t trooped much for similar reasons as to what Airborne Trooper said. It is harder for me to troop a few hours now. When I do pop in, I skim through threads trying to answer any questions that may still be open, or at least try to direct individuals to those that have more knowledge on a specific subject. I also agree that the influx of all the new Disney titles for Star Wars. - there are so many new characters that are available now. I also think it is a money issue. Prepandemic it seemed our garrison had a new Jawa every week. I’m still mad at that. Because prior troops, I trooped, never thinking about documenting my troops with a photo. I trooped for the fun of it. Then when we started that I believe I had close to 50 or so troops. All documented on our garrison’s “trooper tracker”. But without a photo those did not count. I had started to sift through however many years of troops to fins even just the smallest picture of me in the background, and then just decided it wasn’t really worth that effort.
  6. Wow, sad that the New England garrison did not have any recommendations. There are several armor makers. They all have different styles, and some have better quality or better sizing for what you need. I have had a poor experience with a well known maker so I would prefer not to speak of them. When I get a moment I can compile a short list. I can let you know though, currently waiting times for most makers is about 3-5 months. Before you start though - https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/19329-where-what-and-whom-to-avoid-when-buying/ There is a list - but it has not been updated in recent years - https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/ Not on that list is Far Away Creations - https://www.farawaycreations.com/
  7. Looks like Albert Nguyen’s work.
  8. Dang. I forgot to send in a pic of me. And we have a new member of the MEPD. Melissa Branch.
  9. I thought I had done this. pm incoming
  10. Cool. Would it be OK if I shared this over on the LotL FB group?
  11. Same. I was hesitant at first, as I like my “Aloha” shirts that thick cotton, like the kind from Hilo Hattie’s. This was a little thinner. But it still looks great. A color way like a Kelly green? With the Dewback a little more prominent?
  12. I got my armor from ATA Works https://www.facebook.com/ATA.Armor But I'm short so it works for me.
  13. Interesting under suit. It appears to have the ribbing like the FO tk's.
  14. So it is some sort of heavy troop?
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