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  1. Welcome Anthony, your a busy guy these days.
  2. Steve, if you would like me to give you a hand with your weathering I am happy to do so. I know you don't want the same amount of Greasy oily dirt that I have, but I am happy to show you the application process. Andrew. P.S. We meet at Somerville.
  3. And they still have the silly Christmas decorations (Drop Boxes) hanging of their belts
  4. Hi , is your price Euro or USD. I am based in Australia.
  5. Hi Grant, Congrats & welcome. I'm sure we will eventually catch up don't think I will be going this weekend due to "Dad" duties. anyway there is a thread in the 501st section of this forum relating to a 2nd run on the shirts at moment. I already have one & they are quite impressive. Andrew.
  6. Terry have seen you plate & think it looks great adding depth to the armour, but I was just lazy & added some extra strips to the back.
  7. Excellent work guys. Wish these had have been around when I built mine, thought I was close but after seeing these, I am way off !!!!!!
  8. Hi Grant, I have one of Quartermasters backpacks, but you can also get one of Dirty Boys of the forums also. you just need to PM them. Also i followed Pandatroopers build thread for my T21 also available on the forums here as well. was originally hoping to get to your armor party, but cant make it unfortunately. if you are going to Philsy's next BnB i will have my pack there.
  9. Looks fine to me. In time they do soften & once you have your backpack on it isn't as noticeable.
  10. Grant, from what I have heard, you may have to wait a while if you want to get your hands on one of those. There are a lot more options out there if you want to get something started now.
  11. Hi Lee, I used white Leather type material, once it is weathered & your ammo pouches are on you can't really tell that the shims are there. This was acceptable for my police officer approval.
  12. So I've gone from Sargeant to squad leading chef ? Is that a promotion or have I upset someone !!! Hope you all like my cooking.
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