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  1. Same thing happens to me. After a couple of hours my left shoulder hurts, to the point where I have to take off the pack for a while. My old pack did it and my current one does too. It must be something to do with the straps, possibly too much weight on 1 side? LMK if you come up with a fix. It really is a pain. Literally!
  2. It’s not just a sticker it’s a tribute to the UK Garissons founder Graham. If you realised how important the said sticker was, you wouldn’t even ask for it to be removed. Without the sticker on your kit, you can’t troop with the UKG. Also, if it’s taken off, (which IMO is disrespectful) you have to wait to the next induction event to get a CO to put one on again. I guess you guys aren’t content with sucking the fun out of the swat application, you’ve now turned your attention to PO too. The whole point of the 501st is to promote star wars and raise money for charity. And to have fun. Peace out (BTW just photoshop the sticker like everyone else has done in the past!)
  3. Woodman, you need to calm yourself down before you start throwing dirt around. I get that you've sunk a load of money in to this venture, but by slinging mud around you're only gonna make yourself look stupid. Im not one for arguing on forums, so I'll speak only in facts. I bought 2 complete radio kits from you, not 1 complete kit and 1 lot of resin parts. FACT. The radios are both at my house, where they have always been. FACT. I have never cast, nor would I know how to cast a mold of it. FACT. I am in no way related to Chris. FACT. I have no financial interest in Tosche Traders. FACT. I don't know Chris personally and have only interacted with him through the Tunisia76 page when he gave me assistance building my 1st pack. FACT. I bought 2 kits to go on 2 packs that I am making. I was lucky enough to find 2 genuine syphons, so I thought the radios would make these as accurate as possible. If anybody thinks buying 2 is strange, remember, everyone's financial position is different. $500 is a lot to some people and not so much to others. I can see why you're annoyed but I think that you need to take a step beckwards before you start making wild accusations. If you want, I'll send you a picture of the 2 radios once I get back from holidays. In the mean time, I'd appreciate you removing my name from your 1st post.
  4. Thanks Strider Im just waiting on a set of the new trays, then I can get started. I've got everything else I need, apart from spare time! Regarding the bars on the frame, I've got a couple of ideas that I need to check once I have the trays.
  5. Hey Strider Good point. So regarding Swat, as long as there are pictures to back up whatever you do, you should be fine? What would be great, is a 4K version of ANH! And someone having access to an original pack at Lucasfilm! If they still exist! Im just waiting on some seed trays so I should make a start in the next couple of weeks. It would be nice to get a yes or no on the bars on the frame though. Thanks
  6. And if you look at this photo before any filtering was added then the side of the Brexton box looks very different. Don't think I'm picking fault, because your pack is superb. I'm just saying that does SWAT require reference of actual movie screen caps or ones that have had filtering applied?
  7. Don't know. That photo has had an awful lot of filtering added to it Looks silver on here
  8. Thanks guys. Regarding the bracket, it's the one that holds the canteen to the seed tray. The metal one. If we're going from reference pics then I'll not paint it. I agree that we need some clearer guidelines though regarding the metal bars. I really don't want to start this build and change it half way through. From an accuracy point of view, I think we're nearly there. We can get the original siphons, casts of a Sonix, original frame, brexton boxes and super accurate trays. All we need to do is figure out what they used for the exhaust port and we're there!!!
  9. Great work, you must be very happy with the finished pack. BTW, do you have a measurement of the frame and the large pipe. Just wondering if the new trays meant cutting down more from the frame and adjusting the pipe to suit?
  10. Hi I'm looking at going for SWAT later on this year. I'm starting with a new pack but want to get it right first time. Ive noticed on Ginos and Striders recent builds that there are a few things that stand out and was wondering if these need to be done. 1) They have both left the red fabric parts on the frame. Do we need to keep these? 2) On the Brexton boxes, the left side is not fully painted. Should this be replicated or just painted black? I'm not sure if it's just a reflection 3) On the Gio Style bracket, one of them is painted, the other is not. From reference pics, it looks to be left unpainted. Any opinions? 4) Are we still ok to put the aluminium bars for the seed trays to fix to the frame? I'm not sure how durable tywraps are going to be Thanks, and great work on the builds Lee
  11. Sweet. Thanks for the welcome guys. And Felice, thanks for taking the time to review my kit. Gonna get a few troops behind me and see what needs adjusting now. And try for swat in the new year!
  12. Lee Cooper TD-22510 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22720 UK Garrison Lee_C_77 Hi, .pictures are as follows. Armour is RS, pouches are Blaster, pauldron is Trooper1, pack is built by myself on a karrimor frame, .Bapty is an ally pipe build with a few Doopydoos parts and some 3D printed parts.
  13. Lee Cooper, TD22510 requesting sandtrooper access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22720
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