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  1. Hi Edward, in addition to what bigwam has already said about the blueish grey colour on your pack, I have something else to consider: while the chest and abdomen fit your size very well, I think you should take apart and trim down the biceps and forearms again as they look way too large. Cheers mate, have fun building!
  2. Hey mate, that's a great-looking kit and it suits you very well, good job!
  3. Congrats and welcome to the ranks of deployed troopers!
  4. Hey mate, that syphon looks immaculate, great work! Have a look at my pack#1 build thread to see how I used a long threaded bolt to attach the bottle (don't mind that my Syphon doesn't look as nice as yours) In my pack#3 build you can see pics of the bottle and how I have used wood and a threaded insert to attach the bottle: Hope this helps, keep up the great work.
  5. Hey Raymond, this is a neat and tidy application and your gear looks great and fits you very well, I am sure you will be PO in no time.
  6. Oh dear, that's going to be some more sanding then. Nice work mate, keep those progress pics coming.
  7. It's probably a little smaller than 1/6 scale. But it's a really cool helmet. I would suggest getting a used one of these as the prizes for new ones are going up right now.
  8. Karrimor for the win! Nice find!
  9. Hey mate, seems you have made the right choice as far as parts are concerned. That Gio'style is unique, I've never seen one like that before, really cool and you have done a great job modifying it. Ross is such a great guy and always helpful and while the assembly of these syphons may be a little fiddly, they are light and strong and yours looks nice.
  10. Hey Arne, very cool that you have started building a Bapty, greatest blaster of them all. Was this printed in black PLA? If so, I would suggest filling the "heavy" print lines with black ABS Sludge (I have had good results with this approach) and then use black automotive spray putty, that way it will just be uniformly black and even if you bump into something and the paint chips off, it will not be as noticeable. Way to go mate!
  11. Holy shit, those details... and I like it a lot that you have chosen to include aluminium parts, they look sharp and just add that "real-metal-touch". The 3D-printed parts look great too and the weathering is spot on,well done. As a side note: you know that the RT-97c seen in the movie has no inner barrel?
  12. Hey Wayne, that's another gorgeous big blaster, well done! Do you mind sharing some images of your work in progress? You don't have to write a complete WIP, I am just really interested in seeing the parts as they looked before you started working your magic on them.
  13. Hausi

    TK to TD

    Hi Willi, good to hear that you are joining the dirty side, welcome to the sand pit! Your weathering looks already very promising, just a piece of advice: the white parts in between the patches of dirt still look way too white and shiny so I would suggest giving it a wash with some watered-down Vallejo game color earth: Use a brush to apply it and almost immediately dab it off again using some paper towels (K├╝chenrolle). Then let it dry and repeat until you are happy with it. I've used this technique for all my kits and helmets. Have fun weathering! Cheers mate
  14. This is really cool and much easier and much more convenient than reading through all of the pack#3 thread. Great work and thanks for doing this.
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