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  1. Hey you have found that sneaky squeaky spy, cool selfie.
  2. Hi Angela, welcome to the MEPD, your gear suits you well and you look great. The wire is supposed to hold the T-tracks, so - as you see in bigwam's reference pic - it shold go around the tracks, to hold them in place, you will need to add some small notches on those tracks, in which the wire can fit. It's easiest to add those notches by using a drillbit with the same size of the wire. But be careful not to damage that awesome RS rubber foam DLT of yours. You'll be approved in no time.
  3. Hi Gabe, have a look the 501st crl here: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TD_sandtrooper It is very detailed and you will probably find most information there. You will also find a bunch of useful and higher quality reference pictures in the SWAT application section.
  4. What a great picture and a nice array of troopers. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I love upgrades, I'm also always tinkering with my gear, somehow, there's always room for improvement.
  6. Those are some cool pics, love the selfie. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I can understand and support your decision, hope it works out the way you planned.
  8. I really love that idea and definitely want to be part of it, let's do this!
  9. To be honest, we have all of the above mentioned things, WIPs, trooping incentives like the "roughneck" awards... still people don't really like to get involved anylonger. They look at the pics but nobody posts an encouraging comment anymore or leaves a like. I guess it's people's attitude that has changed. I for one also do not feel as motivated anymore to take all the time to post my builds here if I feel like no one really cares. But I still keep doing it as I also feel it helps people. The only thing that everyone really cares about is merch these days. Sorry for the rant.
  10. Looking great there Trooper, thanks for sharing.
  11. Hi Matt and welcome to the MEPD. As long as the back coverstrips haven't been glued with superglue, it should be fairly easy, even with superglue, it shouldn't be that difficult. Since you are going to reduce the size, you can cut out the back coverstrips, adjust the size and glue on a new coverstrip. Keep us posted on your progress. Cheers mate
  12. Great picture! ...but you Sandtroopers should be standing in the front row around the boss.
  13. As this pack is mainly seen with a Stolla Wien shoulder pouch as in the following pic: The canvas pouch was never going to be more than a temporary place holder. I have now replaced it with a real Stolla which I have painted using black spraypaint for leather after rubbing it down with some acetone beforehand. I have then added a snap and a loop to attach it to the shoulder strap. Finally I gave it a weathering which consisted mainly of a wash with watered-down acrylic paint, bunt umber and black. While the paint was still a little wet, I used a paintbrush to apply some fullers earth, it´s the first time that I have used this technique and I am very happy with the result. However, personally I wouldn´t use it on my armor though. Here´s a comparison of the Stolla and the canvas MP40 pouch. And this is what it looks like after weathering and attached to the shoulder strap And since I have moved house, I have enough space to display my packs hanging on the wall.
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