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  1. Hi Matt and welcome to the MEPD. As long as the back coverstrips haven't been glued with superglue, it should be fairly easy, even with superglue, it shouldn't be that difficult. Since you are going to reduce the size, you can cut out the back coverstrips, adjust the size and glue on a new coverstrip. Keep us posted on your progress. Cheers mate
  2. Great picture! ...but you Sandtroopers should be standing in the front row around the boss.
  3. As this pack is mainly seen with a Stolla Wien shoulder pouch as in the following pic: The canvas pouch was never going to be more than a temporary place holder. I have now replaced it with a real Stolla which I have painted using black spraypaint for leather after rubbing it down with some acetone beforehand. I have then added a snap and a loop to attach it to the shoulder strap. Finally I gave it a weathering which consisted mainly of a wash with watered-down acrylic paint, bunt umber and black. While the paint was still a little wet, I used a paintbrush to apply some fullers earth, it´s the first time that I have used this technique and I am very happy with the result. However, personally I wouldn´t use it on my armor though. Here´s a comparison of the Stolla and the canvas MP40 pouch. And this is what it looks like after weathering and attached to the shoulder strap And since I have moved house, I have enough space to display my packs hanging on the wall.
  4. Hey everyone, I have since had the chance to wear my new pack and it was awesome. It is quite a bit lighter than my pack #3 and sits very comfortably on my back, I would really recommend adding foam padding to the back of the seed trays to everyone, it really protects your armor. Sorry for the rather low res quality of the picture but it´s the only one where you can actually see a bit of it.
  5. Yeah, I also think that it's going to look fine as soon as you've added some dirt. That's the cool thing about being a sandtrooper. But if you still want to add another coat, there's also spraypaint for leather which I have used on my boots and it's brilliant. However, of course it's hard to say how it will react with the paint that's already on the boots. For the butt plate: it's possible that the problem might be solved when you put on the belt. Might be worth a try. Otherwise it looks really good already, you have done a great job in fitting those thighs and shins.
  6. There are templates for the pauldron on whitearmor: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16758-shoulder-pauldron-templates/ Haven't checked if they are correctly sized though but look pretty good at first glance.
  7. Hi Brandon, welcome and post your progress in making your adjustments here, this is always great for people to see. Have fun mate!
  8. Hey mate, the only place I know that still sells fully built backpacks is RS Propmasters but I am not sure if they sell them separately or with full commission armors only. Building one yourself is not that hard, a lot of fun and finally very rewarding. You can find every info you need to build one in this forum's fieldpack section.
  9. I also can't really tell as I don't regularly visit the other forums. I know that there's a lot going on in the bounty hunters' guild forum in the Mandalorian Armor section. The OT bounty hunters - except for Fett - on the other hand are also quite forgotten. I assume it's the same here, new people are maybe more attracted to costumes from the newer series.
  10. Hi Pascal, welcome and have fun roaming the forums.
  11. Hey, those are some great accesories you've got yourself there, I always enjoy seeing a build like this progress. Way to go mate.
  12. Hi Stian and welcome to the MEPD, the dirty side. The "Move-Along" trooper is very interesting and my personal favourite, but also quite challenging as we have tons of reference material on this specific trooper, not much freedom for interpretation here... RS make awesome backpacks but they aren´t SWAT-ready out of the box, e.g. the "Move-Along" trooper´s pack has so many characteristic details as for example the seed trays that are almost falling apart and such things that it is very likely you would have to modify an RS commissioned pack to be really screen-accurate, so take your time and read through the different posts in the backpack and the SWAT approval section of this forum to get an idea what you are up to. Especially the backpack section shows that it is not that difficult to source most of the right parts and build your own perfect pack from the beginning, instead of having to modify an existing pack that might have been very expensive. Whatever path you may choose, have fun researching and building and share your progress here.
  13. While @bigwamand I are always there to approve new members and Police Officer or SWAT applicants, support troopers with their questions and provide guidance where needed or simply react to trooping log posts in an encouraging way, I feel with you and have noticed the same and agree. I also hope that it's going to pick up again.
  14. That's a great comparison, thanks for putting this together and sharing.
  15. Hey Gaz, check out my build thread, you'll see how I have used EVA foam to protect my armor, works great! http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/17599-hausi´s-pack5-build/
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