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  1. WOW!! Seriously. Just WOWWWWWWW!!! I love it. This too is my favorite blaster. You’ve done an excellent job. The metal parts look incredible.
  2. Congratulations Thomas!!! Another incredible build.
  3. I think I’ll need to ask for your help when I start to weather my move along sandy. Replicating the chest weathering has been a question I’ve had for quite some time. Looks like you’ve got it down to a science
  4. Watching your process is is really awesome. Your eye for detail is spot on. I hope I can get to this level someday.
  5. It looks exactly right. Every detail. Awesome.
  6. Your work is incredible. It’s actually hard telling the difference between the real thing and your replica. Really well done
  7. Have you tried here for the bigger lens? http://www.opleprops.com/product_info.php?language=en&info=p101_ople-props-lenses-binocular-stormtrooper-luke-skywalker-macrobinocular-rebels-empire-neuro-saav-googles-visor-neuro-saav-sandtrooper.html Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Dude, you’re the man. I was amazed at how fast you fixed that throughout the day. I even showed my girlfriend. Thanks for the peek behind your curtain of genius. Lol. That worked so well I thought it was just photoshopped. Lol. No seriously, really great work. And thanks for showing your work too. I’m sure it’ll save someone the trouble of having to buy whole new pieces. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Congratulations Joe. Looks really fantastic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. That looks awesome!!!! Gotta be record time too.
  11. Hello there!! I’ve always wanted to be a sandtrooper since that day at age 4 when I saw my first movie, Star Wars, in the theater in 1977. It’s been a long time dream to be able to be a part of the Star Wars universe and a part of the 501st, as well as the ability to give back through charity work. I was a volunteer firefighter for a long time and the joy of giving back never gets old. I am currently waiting on a commissioned suit of armor from the great folks over at RS Prop Masters. They’ve been fantastic with helping me get the armor together. I’m just really excited and happy to make my love of Star Wars become a reality. I’ve joined Garrison Carida as an Academy cadet and have a great advisor who is also a Sandtrooper, MEPD deployed. I’m doing my build from the beginning to go all the way to SWAT. I’ve been super lucky to make some really good friends here and other 501st forums and the 501st Facebook community. While I’m waiting for the RS to arrive I’ve been working on electronics for the bucket. USB powered fans, cause I’m usually a sweaty mess, as well as devices to help Bluetooth the TK sound effects through TKswrath’s audio voice changing system. I also found a mini PC board that I can use for heImet hearing assists. I’ve ordered some MP40 pouches from Trooperbay that have arrived and I’m going to start weathering soon. Talked the process over with a few people including my Garrison advisor who is also my GML. And obviously since I like the sand, I’m also working on ANH Tusken Raider to fill the time. Hopefully soon my armor will be in and I can get my hands dirty. I honestly just can’t wait to be a part of this great group, especially the MEPD, The Elite Dirty Troopers.
  12. Congratulations!! Well done!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The weathering looks cool on your pack. The whole build is really coming to together. I’m jealous though, that mannequin is a Great find. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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