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  1. Hello, Hausi: Thanks so very much for all of your tips and advice during this build. I truly appreciate how quickly you reviewed my application and the insights you provided. I'm excited to join the ranks of the MEPD as a deployed officer and start trooping with my new field pack! Take care and thanks again! Peter
  2. Hi, Hausi: Thanks so much for your review of my submission and your patience with me and my many questions during my pack build. Per your instructions, I have weathered my E11 blaster and have included new photos here, along with some of the prior ones for a "before and after" comparison. Thanks again for your time and consideration. BEFORE: AFTER: BEFORE: AFTER: BEFORE: AFTER: AND A FEW CLOSE SHOTS OF THE WEATHERING:
  3. Peter Telep TD-33348 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=32575&costumeID=2 Forum Name: 4Runner Florida Garrison Makaze Squad Armour Maker: TM Boots: Imperial Boots Belt: Imperial Issue E-11: Praetorian Blasters Pack Vendors I built the pack myself, but these are the sources for some parts: Seed Trays, Caps, Brexton Box, Syphon, Mortar tube: RWA Canteen: Original found in Canada on Etsy Radar Dish: Original Lid from Pitcher, Mod. 874 (Tupperware) - transparent found on Etsy Sonix Victory 75: Angry Ape Props (Poland) Mentors: @Beren @Hausi Also, Mr. Paul Feitor, TD10702, gave me lots of great help and advice. With field pack: Shoulder snaps: The black nylon is an internal tab I use to reach up and pull open the snaps. It is NOT visible on the outside. I created this after straining dozens of times to open those snaps. Belt and pouch details: Ab details (buttons and screws): Gloves: I have both leather/ABS and Rubber/Latex: General CRL images and all snaps, screws, and buttons: Boots, shins, thighs (split rivets on thigh ammo belt), arms: Bucket: Field pack: The shotgun shell mount was replicated from the RS Propmaster's pack. I found the exact auto clips on Amazon and cut the base out of ABS to match the RS pack. My 86 year old mother-in-law helped sew the red canvas for the frame: Weapon, Pauldron, and Neck seal: Action shots and others: Respectfully submitted for police officer deployment by TD-33348 "4Runner." Thank you for your consideration.
  4. Hello, fellow troopers: I'm embarking on my backpack #3 build (hoping for level #2 police officer). I would like to use this thread to bounce ideas off of command staff who will be reviewing and approving my pack--all in an effort to save a few headaches. Is that appropriate? I'm using @bigwam and his info thread as my main source for research. I've already ordered many parts from Ross at RWA. Just recently, I found a vintage 847 Tupperware pitcher AND a Safari 600 canteen on Etsy and ordered both. I think I will have Angry Ape Props build my Sonix Radio. I will build my own frame out of PVC. Do you have any thoughts/suggestions I should consider as I continue gathering my parts? I would truly appreciate your help.
  5. Hi, Hausi: I have a few follow up questions regarding my sandtrooper backpack and Police Officer approval. Can I build any backpack from the list of approved ones and create a random sandtrooper with backpack? I really like my weathering as is, and have no plans for SWAT. Attached is a picture of my build thus far without backpack.
  6. I've asked this question before, but I'm unsure I've asked it correctly. According to what I see on the CRLs, there are some sandtroopers who do not wear a backpack. Does this mean you can copy those troops and apply for police officer and be approved without a pack? I do plan to eventually build a pack, but I'd like to get basic approval as a police officer and am willing to copy one of those troops not wearing a pack... Can someone answer this question definitively for me? Thanks so much! Peter TK-33348 Centurion ANH Hero TD-33348 Sandtrooper
  7. Applying for Sandtrooper access.... Peter Telep TD-33348 Makaze Squad Florida Garrison USA https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32575
  8. That's great advice, and I'm building a TM kit as well!
  9. Looking for recommendations on where to purchase MP40 Ammo packs. Looking for some screen accurate leather ones. Thanks for your help!
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