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  1. Roger that! The pack just doesn’t look right in flip flops
  2. Thanks @hausi Your build threads and Backpack #3 thread have been extremely helpful.
  3. Thank you @bigwam I love it!!! I’m almost sad that it’s over
  4. A few finishing touches aaaaand IT’S DONE!!! It weighs in at 9.6 lbs Big thanks to @bigwam @Hausi @bdgr for your feedback and suggestions.
  5. I clipped the capacitors stems a little shorter, spray painted, and made a base. After that I decided I didn’t want to glue the base to the seed tray so I added a hidden bolt so I could remove it if I wanted. Another step done! So many steps!
  6. I made some galaxy far far away capacitors from some things I had lying around. 1/2” pvc, hot glue, tin foil and a thin styrene modeling pipe. I cut the pvc into five 2” pieces. Stuffed the middle with tin foil so I wouldn’t waste a bunch of hot glue and save on any unnecessary weight. Filled them to the top on one side and filled them just below the edge on the other side. Drilled a hole in the full side and super glued in my piece of styrene pipe. I sanded the edges down to smooth them.
  7. I threw caution to the wind and wanted to try what I was attempting. I do appreciate all the feedback and definitely took it all into consideration. My rigid foam frame gets sandwiched between both seed trays just allowing the trays to touch at the edges. I used 4 D-ring hangers on the inside of the top tray. 1 on each of the brexton box bolts (2 total), 1 on the bottom bolt of the exhaust port and 1 that I had to glue in because there was not a bolt where I wanted it. I drilled holes through the back of the bottom seed tray on either side of my rack cross bars. Then I strung a 14” zip tie ( I added another because I needed a little more length) through one hole in the back passing through the D-ring hanger and then back out the other hole where I connected it around the crossbar. I did this on all 4 corners and then slowly tightened them all down making sure the seed trays stayed lined up. It worked perfectly. I swear you could probably stand on it! It’s solid and lightweight. Plus you can take the whole thing apart by just snipping the zip ties. I got the long zip tie idea from an old@pandatrooper post. Unfortunately the photos aren’t available but his write up explains it. Inside top tray - D-ring bracket placement Inside bottom tray - Long zip tie holes
  8. Thanks for the detailed info! I see how you did that now. Much appreciated @bigwam
  9. I dyed my pack straps and added the red fabric back supports that I put together. I’ll probably have to spray paint the straps black to get them a little darker. It feels like the closer I get to finishing more steps keep developing!
  10. I see your point. I probably will need to switch to the interior cover strips. Thanks for the diagram @bigwam
  11. I see your point. I’ll probably have to rethink this and go with your cover strip suggestion. Thanks for the feedback @Hausi
  12. I’m planning on doing the seamless seed tray attachment using 14” zip ties. But first I needed a way to support and keep my seed trays together so they won’t fall into each other. The edges of the seed trays I’m using don’t have a flat area. I had some insulation foam board on hand and I made an interior frame. I hot glued it together but not to the trays so I can always remove it. A simple lightweight support piece for the trays!
  13. I decided to make a couple modifications to the @henselmonster 3D printed exhaust port. I wanted the brackets to line up on the seed trays ribbed areas. So I moved the top brackets up. I cut them off carefully with a coping saw, needless to say I had some repair to do. The next thing I wanted to change was the top. It felt a bit long. So I cut about a half an inch off of that. Much more satisfied with the look of it now.
  14. Added some crossbars and painted the rack today. I also did a test fit. It’s getting so close to completion!
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