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  1. I will take some pics tonight when I get home. Edit: Here are some photos of the Anovos ABS belt. Very thin and light feeling. The rivet button covers were not easy to remove and you can see the damage I caused while getting them freed. Luckily the damage is not visible when the covers are placed back on top. I had ti reinforce the back side with some strips of ABS. Thinking I might try to use this belt and see what happens. Need to get a canvas belt now to attach it to.
  2. Thanks! The belt is especially thin but yes, the anovos armor is quite thin overall. My RS TK pvc armor has some thin areas but the anovos kit feels thinner or perhaps lighter. It has a cheaper feel in my opinion. But the details are nice and I bought it when they offered the first kits at $350 USD so I can’t complain too much. You might be right about the belt not breaking . It is quite flexible. Guess it just looks too thin to me. I will check out Ross’s seed trays. I am also looking for the best exhaust port part. I think the one I saw on Gino’s pack a few years back looked like he closet to the screenshots of that part. Not sure who offers the most accurate on that yet.
  3. Here is where my armor kit at the moment. I need to do another test fit as its been a good while since I last tried it on. The ABS belt is way too thin looking so I will certainly be replacing that. Also noticed I need to re-check the marks for where I need to make holes for the belt buttons on the AB plate. The backpack is in progress and made up of all the parts I originally sourced many years back. I have newer parts to build a more accurate pack once the first pack is completed. I have a vintage Karrimor frame but not the most accurate in terms of the Move along pack. Also have the canteen, and real Shire 90 syphon and lunch box. Need new accurate seed trays, exhaust port, radio and shotgun shells. Going to take my time getting that pack together when the armor is done.
  4. Thanks! I will check with him on those needed parts. I remember him saying he tried to match the Anovos ABS a few years back. Weathering will be a fun challenge.
  5. Hoping to revitalize my build and get it completed in the next few months. A few quick questions I have is about the belt. The Anovos ABS belt plastic is very thin and wondering if I should switch that out for another makers belt. Also the canvas belt needs to be replaced. I intend to apply for a higher level than basic approval so would lien to know what canvas belt maker is best to go with. Besides the backpack build, pouches, pauldron & Bapty blaster here is what I need to source to complete the armor: 1. ABS belt? 2. Canvas belt 3. New helmet if I decide not to repair the Anovos helmet that came with the kit. 4. Diamond sniper plate 5. 3 button plate for the AB plate 6. Weathering materials I finished assembling all of the basic armor parts and just need to fix a few strapping areas, add the bra hooks/ straps to the rear of the shins, and add the bracket screws on the return edges.
  6. Re-painted and partially weathered with chipping and scratches. I went a little easier on the chipping this time around and happier than my first attempt. Not perfect but better than before. I got tired of sanding down the first paint job so the second attempt looks rather thick in some areas. Holding off to weather with dirt until I get my Sandy weathered. I want to match the weathering better. Still searching for a nice 38mm clear/tinted lens for the front to cover the old web cam camera I installed. (The web camera is non functional, just parts) The top side lens metal part was from an old cologne bottle top. I also used the smaller lens retainer rings from my scope kits to lock the lens in place. The red On/Off button functions to switch on the lens lighting. The gray rod on the left side among the white protruding rods is a functional push switch for the lights on this rear faceplate. The black central screw on the bottom is a fictional push switch for the sound effects. This still needs more fine tuning as it doesn’t always work. Link to see the lights in action: https://imgur.com/l7155bNhttps://imgur.com/l7155bN Last thing I need to do besides dirt weathering is add the leather strap. Already sourced 15mm wide strapping and will add it soon. Thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks. I have since repainted over the chipped off parts and will tone that back a bit. Interested to see your binoculars especially how you weathered them.
  8. Daniel, thanks for your feedback. I see what you are saying. There is certainly the feeling of the weathering not being in the right spots. I have done some additional weathering since my post instead of sanding it all back. So once I get a bit further i will post up and please let me know what you think if you have time. Sanding it all back down would be a bummer so not really hoping to do that. But if my additional weathering work doesn’t pay off, I will have no choice, Thanks again for stopping by,
  9. Thanks for your feedback. The chipping looks okay, not bad but I guess I am not liking the amount I added. Perhaps a bit less would look better. I might go back and sand a few spots level and airbrush to get it uniform. I like your idea about the scuffs. I will try that once I get the white where I like it. Going to try to use some sand paper scuffs too to get some variety.
  10. Thanks. Agreed, I tried to add the chipping in places of likely contact or if it was scraped on a surface. It I see what you mean . It’s a bit too random. I based the weathering off of these photos. But now in hindsight this is probably the prop after many years of degrading paint.
  11. Bought this raw cast from Doopydoos 5 or 6 years back and finally got around to working on it. Its been sleeping on the shelf way to long. Planning to add lights and sounds once I get the pint job finished. Here is my progress so far. It came fullly assembled/glued together so I cut off the viewfinder end at the seam. Black primer coat Painted another coat with grey and then some metallic dark iron paint for the weathering effect. (Sorry I did't document this step) The painted it white using the toothpaste method to help the paint chip off. After removing the toothpaste I am not particularly happy with my first attempt at weathering with the chip off effect so I might sand it down smoothly and repaint it white again. Once I get the chipping areas better balanced and more natural I will apply the dirt weathering. Any thoughts? Advice? Would like to get some feedback so I can make this look better.
  12. Love the weathering job you did on this. How did you get the crackling effect? I tried chip off weathering on mine to replicate the original prop from an online photo but I feel I overdid it and it looks way overdone. I am thinking to sand it back down and repaint.
  13. Awesome radio find! The condition is great.
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