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Hausi´s Pack#5 build


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Hi everyone,

I really like the layout of pack#5 with the Tupperware Stow´n Go box, the little greeblie on the right side and the overall look of this pack, so I have built myself one.

You can find more information about this pack in the following thread to which I have just added some more useful reference pictures:


So I gathered all necessary ingredients to get this project started


On the screenused pack there is a Shires UP90, but I have come to own a genuine Shires UP85 courtesy of a friend who was able to purchase a bunch of Syphons. When compared to my fake Sonix (it´s a radio I have built using a Sonixworld kit as the base but even incorporated a battery compartment and such - however, I wasn´t planning to use it for this build) one can see that it is slightly too short.


I was aiming for accuracy with this build but at the same time I was also looking forward to using a real Shires Syphon on a pack, so it´s like a compromise.
The frame is a genuine Karrimor which I cut down and bent to match the shape seen on screen. 

Trays were purchased from RWA Creations.




I also added a different endcap to match those from the movie.


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After taking a closer look at the side greeblie, how it looks in proportion to the seed trays and comparing it to my reference pictures, I knew, I would have to shorten it.


please excuse my feet in flip flops in the picture:sweat:


I also added some wires to match what can be seen in the reference:



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This is the first time I have bought a 3D-printed radio kit. I am still not such a big friend of 3D-printed stuff but it was convenient. It´s printed in black PETG and the quality was okay, still a lot of work to get rid of the most prominent of the print lines. I could probably have put a lot more work into it, filling sanding and repeat but many of those little flaws would be partly hidden by paint and weathering at the end. 
Here are some pics.


The strap holders weren´t accurate at all, that´s why I modified them. 



Cut out a lense from clear acrylic plastic


cardboard for the interior of the pleather surround cut out of a box of beer. Cheers.;)


I have also cut holes in the trays and the radio, again for both, light weight and ease of installation.



I then added all necessary details like the sockets, the feet, the antenna, stickers and so on, this is what it looked like before weathering and being attached to the tray:



On the backside you can see the hole but I actually covered everything that was visible with more pleather and punched holes in it to emulate the backside of a real Sonix radio. 


And here it is compared to my SonixWorld radio which was cast from a real Sonix:


I forgot to take pictures of painting and attaching the Tupperware Stow´n Go but this was the pack with almost all parts being attached. I still had to paint the Karrimor frame.



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This was the first time I used a new strategy to attach the seed trays to the frame: as with my packs before, I used aluminium strips but this time I have bent them on both ends and riveted them to the frame from the inside, so those aluminium strips wouldn´t really be visible any longer as soon as the trays are attached. In the following picture I had already painted the frame and attached the red back support straps to check fitment:



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The filter gave me a hard time. I tried to scratchbuild it but attaching/gluing rubber hoses to a tube with the right diameter proved to be very difficult, especially as rubber hose simply doesn´t like to be straight. 
So I called a friend with a 3D-printer to print me one... which was then again heavily modified. 
I cut out a lot of the interior structure, first and foremost as I think that there wasn´t any when looking at screen caps and secondly as it saves weight. I really think that filter doesn´t have the details that many people have on theirs at the top and bottom. 

So this was the filter as it came fresh from the printer:


But I simply don´t see that "bulge-detail" at the top or bottom:


So this is what it looked like after me modifying it:


I am also somehow convinced that this filter might have been red especially when compared to the black parts surrounding it...


if it was some kind of automotive performance air filter, that whould make sense... Anyhow, I decided to paint it red and then give it some dusted coats of black, here it is already attached to the upper seed tray:


I do have to admit that I think the proportions don´t look completely correct, actually I think the filter should be bigger that mine is.

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I had attached all these parts to the seed trays but I hadn´t attached the seed trays to the frame as weathering the parts individually would give me a better, more natural result. So next up was getting all of it dirty. I used different washes for it, first one was a mixture of black and brown (burt umber) acrylics with wather, second round was Vallejo model colour earth, both mixt with water, applied with a brush and then almost immediately dabbed off again using paper towels. 


Besides the Ghostbusters Ecto-Goggles, you can also see that I decided to use a canvas pouch for the shoulder, while with this particular pack, a leather "Stolla Wien" would be the right choice but I didn´t want to use my original one so I am waiting for a friend who has his already painted/dyed black and has agreed to sell it to me. :)

Would have been a pity to paint this original one:


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I almost forgot to include some pics of some lab-pipe-details I have added, solely based on what I personally believe to see in my reference pictures:


After doing all the weathering, it was also time to get some other stuff done, e.g.protecting my armor as well as the pack from being damaged or scratched. The approach I took was EVA foam mats (actually meant for yoga classes:sweat:) and attach them to the back of my seedtrays, by doing this, I could also hide the rather large openings. 



The foam mats are hidden behind the red canvas back support straps.:duim:

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Here´s what the final product looks like:



front and sides:






This is the pouch I am using right now, a canvas pouch (sorry for the blanket, it´s my wife´s, hurts the eyes, I know:sweat:) but the leather Stolla Wien has already arrived and I´ll be working on it this weekend, some black leather paint and a way to attach it to the strap.



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Hey everyone, I have since had the chance to wear my new pack and it was awesome. It is quite a bit lighter than my pack #3 and sits very comfortably on my back, I would really recommend adding foam padding to the back of the seed trays to everyone, it really protects your armor. Sorry for the rather low res quality of the picture but it´s the only one where you can actually see a bit of it. :sweat:


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As this pack is mainly seen with a Stolla Wien shoulder pouch as in the following pic:


The canvas pouch was never going to be more than a temporary place holder.

I have now replaced it with a real Stolla which I have painted using black spraypaint for leather after rubbing it down with some acetone beforehand. I have then added a snap and a loop to attach it to the shoulder strap. 
Finally I gave it a weathering which consisted mainly of a wash with watered-down acrylic paint, bunt umber and black. While the paint was still a little wet, I used a paintbrush to apply some fullers earth, it´s the first time that I have used this technique and I am very happy with the result. However, personally I wouldn´t use it on my armor though. 


Here´s a comparison of the Stolla and the canvas MP40 pouch.


And this is what it looks like after weathering


and attached to the shoulder strap



And since I have moved house, I have enough space to display my packs hanging on the wall.:D


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