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  1. WELCOME to the sandbox Trooper! Nice to have you on the team!
  2. Yes indeed, I have one as well. And also have the plans to make them and the materials. It's just time.Yes indeed, I have one as well. And also have the plans to make them and the materials. It's just time.
  3. Will be next year possibly if we have enough orders for a run. fall of 2020 most likely
  4. INTERNATIONAL ORDER FOLKS! Please monitor your mail services. Getting emails that delivery attempts are made but no one home. Netherland order is one right now as well as UK order. Madrid Spain order is held in customs. Not sure why
  6. Matt, you are good to go. Have yours just like you sent it. Sorry missed sending it to you
  7. ORDER INFO TIME IS CLOSED. I have sent a PM to everyone that sent me their information. Please check the list for your info to make sure I spelled everything correctly and correct sizes. I will hold on to this info until 9-14-2019 to see if any issues before submitting. As far as I know, every letter will be capital letters. I will ask them once again if lower case can be substituted on some since that is a request. IF YOU SEE AN ISSUE WITH WHAT YOU SENT ME, PLEASE REPLY. IF NO ISSUES, NO REPLY NEEDED. THANKS
  8. As long as you have a Legion ID number its no problem.
  9. Yes and replied back with the info
  10. Last day I will accept any PMs on racing shirts will be September 6, 2019 at 6 pm.
  11. Wow, one last report. Getting lots of PM's and answering them. If you are interested please send me a PM
  12. Guys and gals i will not be replying to this thread anymore. i will however be answering PMs soon so keep an eye out. Thanks
  13. Guys and gals, we are currently in a hold on shirts because the mouse has slammed the door on us ordering. Disney has put a lock on all clothing orders right now. My question is this? Please reach out as well to others. If you were wanting a racing shirt send me a PM stating so. I am going to at least have a list so if we can order will know how many we need.
  14. I would go one size larger if the large is close to size to start with. They run a little small
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