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  1. Ditto. Exactly the way I do it!
  2. Welcome Mike — and everyone else! YES! GO DIRTY!!!!
  3. Read the links in my signature as well.
  4. FIVE

    CRL 2015

    Been doing it! Gotten a few guys to login again and vote. *the barista at Starbucks just looked at me funny though.
  5. FIVE

    CRL 2015

    Voted on all of them! *I think I got most of the answers right*
  6. You started in the right place! Check the links in my signature too on armor. And welcome to the sand pit!!
  7. YAY! Another convert to the best detachment in the Empire! Welcome bro!
  8. Yep... craft paint. I went over it with white craft paint then to "mute" it some.
  9. Awesome!!! Congratulations and looking forward to seeing you here!
  10. The belt is "low" in the front on many sandtroopers. So you should be able to angle it so it's hiding the seam but still higher on the edges and back — that's how the "Stop that Ship" trooper (which I have) is done. Photos would help, but I'm betting that will work for you.
  11. Me? I'm sure I do. I can look... but if you did a card I'm sure I still have it.
  12. I agree, Rick. I love you all! Smally, I need to apologize to you, brother. I honestly shouldn't have even gone for SWAT in the first place because I knew there would be a lot of small things to change that I (that's a capital emphasized "I") would think was ridiculous. The truth is I am disappointed in where the program ended up... and the truth is I had built myself up to expect a "bunch of nonsense" (in quotes because, again, it's my opinion) that when it happened I was angry... but... the truth is you didn't deserve my reply. I could've easily just said, "Thanks so much brother for all the hard work! I'll post again if I decide to continue!" So, I'm sorry for that! Now then... I'm not sorry that I'm still disappointed and that I still think camera angles and such minutia are held as standards. I'm also not sorry that I'm sorry the program has gotten to this. And I am not going to continue in it. BUT... again... I do apologize to you for making it — or for it even "coming off as" — personal, however I intended it. Now then... hopefully this thread will die off and be remembered as something in the past and I will forever love the MEPD and being part of it and be PROUD to be a part of it!!!
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