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  1. Have a chat with us in the cantina buddy! Nick
  2. Ryan, your best bet is 3" pipe for the main barrel and 2.5" pipe for the smaller tapered bit. You can get lengths of both in alloy off eBay. Once you've got it, make a tapering by fitting thin bits of wood or plasticard on the outside of the 2.5" pipe and sliding it inside the 3" pipe and glue it in place where you need it, then taper the gaps with body filler. Once it is all sorted and sanded use 1mm fishing wire or similar to do the wrap. I'll show you pics of mine when I get home. Hope it helps
  3. Oh dear Ryan. That's gotta smart. Hope you get back to full function soon!
  4. Lee, Thank you for your comments. As has been explained here earlier this is not being endorsed by the 501st or the MEPD and so terms like "armourer" and "wip" are not things we need to use. We spoke with the staff of the MEPD prior to launch to get the OK to do some plugging here amongst Sandtroopers of the 501st legion for any willing members who anted to go through our process and so far it has been very sucessful. You are more than welcome to come along to our Facebook page and see for yourself, or ask to be allowed access to our members group where you can submit your armour against our standards. Regards
  5. Yes you're right mate, the one we saw in the flesh did not have these. They are present on both sides on most Lewis'
  6. Yeh Berkal I agree here, 3.35" or 85mm just seems a bit too big. Ryan, definately go for 3" pipe mate as its easy to get hold of in the uk mate. Nick
  7. Thank you for all your valid points here. Felix; We did indeed speak to the MEPD Command Staff about getting Tunisia '76 off the ground. The fact of the matter remains that this is really nothing to do with the MEPD in essence. We are a stand alone unit/group with our own standards, but which mirror in many ways, those of SWAT and PO standards of the MEPD. There are differences of course. This is a separate badge from MEPD PO and SWAT to show you have gone to different lengths than what the 501st have dictated within their CRLs. We will certainly be keeping the best traditions of the MEPD CRLs with us as we go however. Some of the key members of MEPD have helped to make this happen and so we asked kindly if we could "advertise" as such, on MEPD to spread the word about what we are trying to do. As it stands there has been a lot of interest so far in our group, which launches tomorrow (May 4th). If you want to come and look in on our group then you are very free, it will be open to all to apply, and see if there is something there for you. Regards to all Nick
  8. Thanks Rick that's right we thank MEPD for allowing us to spread the word here about what we are doing however we are not part p the MEPD in terms of our standards.
  9. Yep, that's the beauty of what we are creating, you don't need to do it all in one chunk. Work on. And submit one piece at a time, either your blaster, your pack, or your armour, and get accredited if you meet the standards. All will become clear on May 4th.
  10. Ryan, be sure to get yourself one of our ultra realistic stock brush casts before they run out mate, Nick
  11. Out of interest, one of the packs used in the film WAS based on an Alice frame. That is pack #4 http://www.looksirdroids.com/backpacks.html seen in the alley check scene. So you'd be good to go if that is the one you wanted to replicate. Nick
  12. Wet wipe bottles are the correct size and cheap. Nick
  13. Really amazing to get this published. This is going to be a hugely big deal I feel. Not only are we recognising the hard work that you guys put into your props and costumes, but we are also here to support you on your journey, and as Lee says, we will be opening a shop to buy some booty and hard to find parts, all of which will be supplied to the standards for the awards. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Great work guys, really loving the attention to detail on t-21s at the moment! Nick Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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