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  1. Brilliant bit of work in this agree this could be the likely source. I had brought some aircraft capacitors for my build (when I get back to it) but this feels more likely What model Fender is pictured above?
  2. If they didn't say what vehicle did they say what it is?
  3. For me the exhaust port housing is definitely rounded, have a look at the shadow on the top bottle and compare, look how it is with yours. That said great build if I can get 5 minutes to myself will crack on with mine.
  4. Who's find is the earlier image?
  5. Did you post an image its not showing for me?
  6. Is that last image of a found part or one that has been made looks spot on.
  7. With regards to the seed trays the originals 3 and 5 rib do have holes. I suspect that they actually help hold the parts together.
  8. Sorry but I disagree with point 16, I think this is something out there in the wild though not one piece, but made up of a couple of bits - piped bit and the base. Cobbling something like that would have taken far more effort than to have something at hand. It's just something no one has yet identified.
  9. For me it's a nice pack but if you cannot get anything from the post other than nice shots its not really worthy of being pinned.
  10. Shame there is no build reference shared with this
  11. Please let me know if you have another or better still a up90
  12. How did you dye your straps I've tried a couple of times and it just washes straight out?
  13. Where is this bit on the pack? Is it known what theses pieces are or from?
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