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  1. What are you going to put underneath the capacitators ?
  2. Hey Stider, Could we see pictures of your shells? thanks, jack
  3. I got my both boxes I used for the "Tool Box" from Tosche traders: https://toschetraders.com/products/td-brexton-tool-boxes https://toschetraders.com/collections/original-props/products/sandtrooper-backpack-original-prop-brexton-tool-box-a
  4. I also combined both of the Brexton picnic food storage containers - Tell me what you think. They can be done 2 ways the one over the other and the lid then added or the larger lid can also be put on the one with the larger bottom detail that goes closer to the edge.
  5. Since the trays are longer the items started fitting better
  6. I got some seed trays and I made some comparison shots next to my tosche traders "seed trays" See pics below.
  7. Hey RoCKo, I do find it interesting that they did put the time and effort into plugging up the holes on the seed trays. I agree - they probably did not use the contain I have show above - too much work needed. But I think they purchased everything for the backpack at one hardware store - and the 2 containers for under the plungers were some chemical bottle that you would find in a hardware store. Probably the chemical is no longer made or sold in that container anymore. Another problem with the propane container above is it's metal making it heavy - particularly in the case when it would hang from the siphon.
  8. Hey RoCKo, If your talking about the "ring" that is at the bottom of the container - it's not removable. The container is all metal and would need some work smoothing out the seams to make it seamless. Plus you need to get rid of the gas that's inside to bring down the weight.
  9. Also - from the travis photo above - it looks like the box on the right is slightly bigger than the one on the left making it possible to put it over the one on the left.
  10. my thought was it could maybe explain why there is a larger lip and why the bottom "Square" goes so close the the corners + edges. Just a thought.
  11. This was a quick photo shop of what I ment
  12. Hey Strider, Does the box on the left fit inside the box on the right? - maybe they took the cover off the box on the left and telescoped that box inside the box on the right - giving the tool box the larger lip and the bottom square that goes closer to the edge.
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