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  1. I'm jealous of the DLT-19 that you were able to construct! I got REALLY scammed on a version that I bought on EBay that ended up looking like NOTHING in the photograph that they posted. But I gave it to a member of my garrison who offered to repair it and hope to see it at the M&G tomorrow.
  2. Thank you to everyone who helped me on my first troop!  I could never have done it without all of your help.


  3. I'm looking for an approvable DLT-19 blaster for my MEPD trooper.  I would really appreciate some more information.  I've tried to assemble one myself but I failed.

  4. I NEED a DLT-19 blaster rifle for my MEPD armor, HELP ME, PLEASE
  5. :td: APPROVED! TD: 12673 Ready to troop! :td:

    1. qbert


      I'm VERY happy to finally be approved after working  for more than two years to complete the construction of my armor.  I'm now searching for a blaster rifle that I believe is called a T-21 (The rifle with the folding  bipod attached). if anyone could assist, I would really appreciate it.

  6. This has got me so excited to get to work on my MEPD armor! I'm just getting started with the Dune Sea Garrison in Phoenix, AZ. This is something I've wanted to do for years now, ever since I saw such realistic looking troops in parades. Then when I started working with mentally disabled children, I saw how delighted they were when the, "Star Wars guys" would come around. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from ASU and am a painter, so I already have a lot of these supplies. Thank you for making these videos to provide some tips. Now I know that I can avoid what I thought I was going to do, which was actually use real dirt and maybe wood stain to get that armor fit to march in. Like I said, I can't wait to get my armor and to sit down and make it look like it just came off a set. Thank you.
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