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  1. ok thank you, i was struggling with my pics I will try another route to share. Thanks for the assistance.
  2. Jeff Lang, TD-75501 requesting Sandtrooper Section access
  3. Jeff Lang TD-75501 Kaspar Ontario Outer Rim clearance pics.lnk
  4. Thanks Rob. Looking forward to trooping with the Ontario Outer Rim Patrol
  5. Hello MEPD!! My name is Jeff and I live in Ontario Canada! It has been a life long dream to become a Sandtrooper and having the 501st and MEPD to help me along has been a blessing in disguise. I am still researching all topics for an armour set and will hopefully pull the trigger soon. Cant wait for it to be complete and join the MEPD ranks. SWAT here I come! Anyways, just wanted to say cant wait to troop with my brothers. See you all soon in the Cantina! Kaspar
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