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Machine's Move Along - Pack 3 Build (WiP)


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Well, it looks like my Sonix Strap Plates are wrong.

Shame, I was quite proud of them.

So I'll be redesigning the model again and having another go !

At least I didn't stick them to the vinyl with Super Glue, making them almost impossible to remove !!!

Yeah. I did that :(

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Thanks Guys,

Your feedback is definitely helping :)

The new strap plates came out ok, so I'll give them a quick sanding and a paint and try and get the old ones off.

These new ones are slightly wider than the previous ones and seem to be more like the reference photos.


I might have to make a new pleather surround again, based on how carefully the other ones can come off. Although removing them is likely to destroy the surround.

Not to worry, I have a bit more pleather and another cereal box waiting to give their lives to the cause :)

More photos to come .....

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It's still not right !!!

If you look at the picture below, the opening for the strap is smaller and appears to framed by a small recessed line that runs around the outside.

I could be making the last bit up, but it definately needs a smaller strap opening.


I wish someone had one, so that I could copy it for reference :teehee:


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Well, it's back to the 3D software in the pursuit of perfection !!!

In the meantime, here's how to do a really simple leather look surround for your Sonix :)

Step 1: Cut out 5 sections of cardboard (I used a shoe box, you don't want anything too thick).

Each piece needs to be the same size as the sides of your Sonix.

We cut the bottom piece in two so that you can finish at the base of the radio :)


Step 2: Cut your pleather to size !

This will be twice as wide as your cardboard and a little bit longer than the total length.

Accuracy is not that important at this stage.

Then cover the back of your pleather with double sided sticky tape.


Step 3: Remove the backing from the double sided tape.


Don't rest your arm on it like I did.

I now have a really smooth arm with no hairs :)


Step 4:

Place your cardboard onto the pleather.

Start with the bottom half piece, then the side, then the top, a side, and finally the last bottom half.

Make sure they are in the middle and you leave a small gap between each part. The gap allows the pleather to bend around the corners of your Sonix, making a sharp edge ;)


Step 5: Bend your pleather tightly over the cardboard !

Start at one end and work your way down one length, then do the other side. It doesn't matter if there is a gap in the middle :)

Now is the time to replicate stitching if you want.


Step 6: Add the same double sided tape to the top, sides and bottom of your Sonix.

You can see how the new pleather surround follows the shape of your Sonix due to the cardboard inserts :) Now is the time to trim the excess from the bottom of your surround.


Step 7: Lie your Sonix on its back !

Remove the double sided tape from your radio and (starting with the top) place your sexy new pleather surround on your Sonix, pressing as you go !

And voilĂ  !!!!


Now you can add the rest of your greeblies !

I thought that might be useful :)

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Thanks Lee for the pleather tutorial! I was going to ask how you got it to look so nice. Mystery solved! Great idea and I will be sure to try this on my radio soon. I just need to locate some sticky backed pleather here in Japan.

I thought you nailed it on the second try of the strap handles, sorry I said accurate enough. The newer photos you posted do show a smaller opening and the outlining rectangle around it. Nice investigative work. Waiting o see the newer handles when you get them made.

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My Awesome little Crashmann Sonix Radio .....


Obviously needs weathering and a pleather wrap around, but inside are all the goodies :)

It's now a proper Radio !

Only station it can pick up is TD chatter on Mos Eisley :)


Just another quick question but how is the switch wired to the USB cable? Difficult to do or fairly straight forward? Bought one of those units after I read your post. Like the idea of using the real switches to power on the chatter files.
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Hi buddy,

You don't need sticky backed pleather, just normal pleather and some double sided sticky tape.

Just cover the back of the pleather with tape like my picture.

Wiring the switch to the USB cable was easy.

If you've bought the same kit, the included USB charging cable only has 2 wires (white and pink).

Just carefully strip back the outer to reveal the 2 wires.

Cut the pink one and solder each end to one side of the slide switch.

Hope that helps.

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For refence, I knocked this diagram up quick.

It should help :thumbsup:


Thanks for the reference diagram. I bought the same board from ebay but mine didnt include a cable. I will get one and dissect it to see how it matches your diagram. Super helpful! Cheers!

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Best find yet !!!!!

Gone are the days of fiddling about with fixings that are impossible to reach, or sliding bolts down tubes with magnets !!!!

These bad boys just screw into a hole and give you an M6 thread ready for bolting into ;)

Have been using these on everything so far, seed trays, radar tube, on the back of the Sonix.....

Just add a dab of superglue on the thread as you wind it in.

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