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Machine's Move Along - Pack 3 Build (WiP)


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Definitely a good shot of the tool box. Agree on the trapezoid shape. You can see how the sides taper toward the base and the top edge flange/ lip is clearly present. I have a project box that has slightly tapered sides but the flange is not there.

I saw a similar type black plastic tray at a home center in the automotive section for oil leak jobs. Far from my house but I will drop by there next week. Hope it has the same shape and measurements. Let you know if it seems to fit the part.

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Okay, I can see your point with the "trapezoid" tool box now. Never noticed that in this particular picture.

But this is kind of a strange pack anyway. The tool box is not black but has the battleship grey color with black spray paint on the side. I haven't seen this pack in any other picture than this. I think this one is quite unique actually. E.g. the tool box of the cantina captain looks much more like the standard project enclosure box >>



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Wow. You guys are making great detective work here.

Few ideas and comments:

About the weir pattern in the side of the tool box, we used to think that somehow that tool box was comfigured in that or other pack, with a syphon there. The painted all black, then had the syphon detached. Just speculating but looks pausible.

About the hole on the top of the mortar tube, e thought it was done to set a radar dish there, but then attached upside down ans therefore a new hole had to be made to attach the radar dish properly.

I have that in my pack since 3 or 4 years ago.


Trapezoid toolbox sounds about right.

Keep it up guys.


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LOL! Your build has caused all sorts of gears tuning in my head. I can't walk though a shopping center, supply shop, or dollar store without trying to find backpack parts.

That did look good. Keep on hunting!

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Today.... We made an Exhaust Port !

So I started with the Exhaust Pipe first.

It's made from 3/4" Copper Pipe, with one end fitted into a piece of PolyPipe. There are 2 pieces of 1" long PolyPipe with a Washer glued between them to create the 'Collar'.


Then I wrapped some wire around the Copper Pipe to create the convoluted tube effect. I glued both ends of the wire to the Copper Pipe to keep them in place....


Some Heat Shrink over the top to hold it all together...


Then a quick douse with some Matt Black Spray...


While I was waiting for that to dry, I put my Radar Dish together.

I was lucky enough to find a 2 Quart period Tupperware lid. It came all the way from California !


Time to fit everything together...

I actually made the Exhaust Port box myself (didn't get any photos of that), as I just couldn't find anything that was close enough to the curved edges of the reference photos.

So my box is made from a 'Universal Project Box - Model PX-2'....


It had the right dimensions, just not the correct curves on the top or the cut away angled front.

So I (and this is where you're gonna hate me for not taking photo's :yes: ), sliced off the front, added to the top with some Auto Body Filler, then sanded it all down to give a much more gradual curved form to the top.

It's close !


Now I appreciate that the feet aren't close, but I'm going to live with that as they are strong enough to mount it to the Seed Trays.

Not bad progress today :thumbsup:

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OK... More progress today :)

After much messing about with boxes, some square sided, some rounded and a Sandwich Lunchbox....

I finally decided on the Sandwich Lunchbox !


It seems the right size, has a slight 'Trapezoid' look about it, has a nice curved face and most importantly (for me, anyway) a defined lip ;)

I've glue a piece of 1mm ABS sheet to the front to replicate the reference pic...


And here is as far as I can get today....


For me, the Sandwich Lunchbox looks more like the reference photo than anything else I tried to use. But it's personal choice.


Don't read too much into the photos ! The iPhone Camera does some kind of weird 'Fish Eye' thing, and objects that are closer to the camera are seriously exaggerated in size.

I've still got lots to do.... Lot's of Duct Tape to use... I've got to figure out how to hold the seed trays together while keeping a gap top and bottom...

But it's all coming together :)

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A bit more work today.

Moved the top canister down and made some room between the tool box and exhaust port.

As it turns out, the tool box isn't on straight in the reference, but slightly skew. This made just enough room for the mushroom cap to fit (just) ;)

Also bonded the bottom seed trays using some hard packing foam as a spacer. Bonded all that and fitted the stinger.

Also cut and fitted the mortar tube control panel :)




Now we need to figure out these mysterious shotgun shells !!!!

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Time for the shotgun candelabra :)

There's been lots of discussion about this...

What are they ? How do they fit etc..

Are they actual shotgun shells ?

Are they hollow pipe ?

Are they pipe with some gauze shoved down them ?

The simple answer is, I don't think anyone knows. But it's very unlikely that they were actually shotgun shells given the firearm and explosive restrictions in place for the filming in Tunisia at the time.

The whole reason for the Bapty blaster was to get around those restrictions, so I doubt very much they were actual shotgun shells (with or without powder).

That said, I have my own suspicions and suspect that they are a set of 5 Capacitors...

In fact, ones like these are used to stabilise the current draw from large motors / pumps (Like you would find on a Hot Tub or machinery).

These ones are from a Hot Tub Parts Supply company.


It's a fair bet that ones similar to this were available back in the 1970's and very probably available from an electronics general parts store in the uk.

Unfortunately, I do not own 1 of these, let alone 5 of them.

And I'm not paying £15 each for them !!! (That's almost 100 bucks for a set).....

So i'm gonna make some of my own :thumbsup:

This is what we are trying to reproduce.....


First things first...

Cut some 2 1/2" long tubes from the 'shotgun shells' pipe in Crashmanns kit (It's been a life saver for parts) ;)

And fill the ends with Auto Body Filler or whatever you use.

I use filler a lot.

In fact, the filler I use is an Auto Body Repair filler made for repairing plastic bumpers.

This means it has some flex, but is really easy to sand. I hate sanding :yucky:


Then we fit some 'Tails' into the pipe which can be seen in the reference photo above (I appreciate it's not the best photo, but there are plenty of reference photos showing the same thing).

I used a small length of 3mm Copper Wire, countersunk into one end.


Hang them up and time for a quick spray of Matt Black :)

Now I've just got to figure out how to mount them.


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It's that time again !

Time to dust off the old 3D printer and print one of these little Shotgun Shell Supports !!!!


Or more precisely, 10 of them :thumbsup:


They don't have to be perfect, they just have to support each shell underneath.

I'll report back once my printer has decided to start working again :6:

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