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Machine's Move Along - Pack 3 Build (WiP)


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Something else has just become apparent....

The frame used to support this pack DOES NOT look like a Karrimor TOTE-EM !

My frame (which is a TOTE-EM) has a gradual bend to the sides of the frame. You can see this in the first few pictures I posted in this thread. This one deliberately kinks half way down.

I doubt that the prop department deliberately bent this frame to make that shape. The TOTE-EM fits your back contour perfectly, so there wouldn't be any need to bend it.

The only reason to do that would be if the gradual bend of the frame was interfering with something like a TK's Thermal Detonator (which we obviously don't have).

Also, the sides on this frame are straight. You wouldn't be able to reproduce this accurately with my frame, as the uprights are curved.

The frame is also unpainted. You can see the red product label.

I think there was talk of a number of frames being used, a 'Boy Scout Frame' springs to mind.

It seems that the harder I try to get close, the further away I become :(

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Don't forget about the OIL rectangle protruding on the backplate. That would definitely throw off the fit of any backpack. Based on previous photos showing the bottom of the frame extending out, I would think that is unique to the Karrimor design. Did Karrimor have other variations besides the TOTE-EM?

Would the Prop Department actually bend the uprights to help the backpack fit closer to the back of the trooper?


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The Karrimor frames I have seen so far do come in different varieties (mine has a different strapping system, eg) but all use the same frame. It's really kind of a mistery which other frames they used given that these needed to have almost the exact dimensions of the Karrimor frame to fit the seed trays. I think some more research about 70ies style boyscout backpacks is in order ;-)

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Well, I'm going to start final assembly soon and I'm going to have to live with some parts that are not entirely accurate.

I'll keep upgrading when I find better parts, but for now, I'll be putting it all together for my initial approvals.

Photos to come :)

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See this hole ?


I haven't seen a Field Pack with it, yet. But it's a hole. It's definitely there.

And I'm pretty sure I know what it's for !!!!!

Check out the top screw of my Karimor back pack frame....


It's how the cross bars are fixed to the uprights ;)

Now look at the photo again .....


That hole is for a Phillips head screwdriver to fix the mortar tube to the frame, using the same screw to hold the crossbar to the upright !!!

*Takes a bow :peace:

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Nice. I saw that hole in the photos but wasn't sure if we could replicate that in the packs for SWAT clearance. Sort of like the tool box & seed trays on the move along pack. In the desert photos of behind the scenes filming, the tool box and seed trays are not taped on what i am assuming is the same pack but that wasn't seen in the film . I prefer the pack with no tape but not sure if that is allowed for SWAT. I think for just stand alone real pack details, the hole is a must and since you know its there from the photos, you gotta have it!

Great detective work matching the hole with the pack hole.

I tried looking into vintage packs with that crazy bend but found none exact matches. The ESB rebel hoth packs have the bend but those packs might have been made for the movie & customized. The top ends are different too to the sandy pack. Some Jansport packs had slight bends and one Boy Scout 574 frontier pack had a similar bend but hard to tell from photos. Still a mystery to me.

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Here's another shot of the same pack in the move along scene ....


And there's the hole ;) (As seen in the footage).

So having the hole in your Radar tube would be more 'SWAT' than not having the hole.

I'm surprised that troopers want the tape on the shoulder bell (which is seen for about 4 seconds), but don't have the hole in their Radar tubes (which is there throughout).

I'm only talking about Pack 3, obviously :)

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I don't think it's the same pack actually. There were about 4 different "move along packs". If you take a look at the exhaust pipe of this pack and the "behind the scene" shot from before you'll notice that the rubber wrap (or what to call it) goes up to the tip of the exhaust port while in the move along pack pictured above it ends 1-2 cm before the tip.

But truth be told, in the end one guess is probably as good as another.

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Sorry I am a newbie to the pack details. Forgive my inexperience, I should have seen the hole in the actual footage shots. Now i see it clear as day! Also I didn't notice the exhaust pipe differences. I thought maybe the pack suffered a bit in filming and it needed tape to hold it together and also some parts might also have been reattached, etc. Interesting to hear there were multiples of this pack version. Too many pack variations, too may details to pour over. I need to move along ......

Lee, your journey to make an accurate pack has already made some new exciting discoveries. Keep up the amazing work. I am sure there never will be end to making the ultimate pack but I guess that is the fun of it.

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That's cool, buddy !

No one has less pack experience than me, ( I haven't built 1 yet ) and your trooper is awesome !!!

My understanding of SWAT though, is to evidence the comparison of your own gear to that of a specific chosen trooper.

So you should be able to drill the hole, show an appropriate photo of the hole from a screen shot and that should take care of it.

But it does open up to much debate :)

For example;

I also haven't seen a pack for a 'Move along' based trooper, where the bottom trays have separated - enforcing the use of the duct tape.

But I have seen a lot of duct tape ;)

That's not to say that it doesn't exist. I've just never seen one :/

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I don't think it's the same pack actually. There were about 4 different "move along packs". If you take a look at the exhaust pipe of this pack and the "behind the scene" shot from before you'll notice that the rubber wrap (or what to call it) goes up to the tip of the exhaust port while in the move along pack pictured above it ends 1-2 cm before the tip.

But truth be told, in the end one guess is probably as good as another.

Strider, you got me thinking :yes:

So now i'm home at my PC, I can take a good look at the photo above and see if I can understand your point about the Exhaust Port Tip broken off / missing.

In this picture, as you said, the Exhaust pipe tip appears to be missing from this pack (or at least broken off).

And that's an important point (particularly for SWAT). Because if that is the case, I would want to reproduce it as close to the screenshot as possible.

But something dawned on me when I studied the photograph again .....


In this photo, it looks very much as you describe.

But I compared all the other references I have and with a bit of Photoshop magic, it's clear to me that the Exhaust Port isn't in the frame at all.

By identifying specific parts like the position of the Mushroom Cap etc. I have added the missing parts from this photo....


You can see that the Exhaust Port is out of shot, and what we are seeing is a separation of the Tool Box on the top seed tray :thumbsup:

Please don't get me wrong.... I'm only challenging because I want to be sure before I make any critical changes to my pack.

I'm enjoying the detective work ! and it will continue.

Hopefully everyone benefits from a good debate :salute:

Thank you for bringing this up, buddy. I love the challenge !

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Not that I wouldn't welcome a little challenge, lol...no, I was actually referring to the screenshot from the side in your comment before that. You were just to quick with the next comment ;-) The resolution is not high enough to be 100% sure, though you can tell they are sligthly different.

But it's a good point anyway. The general consensus seems to be that the upper part of the rubber wrap is missing from the exhaust port. However, I was only able to find the one clear shot (which we were referring to earlier) where the rubber goes up to to top and the move along pack where there seem 1-2cm missing. So I dare you with the challenge to find any more evidence in either direction ;-)

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Meanwhile ..... Back to the Tool Box (which is actually another seed tray) :thumbsup:

Are we seeing one of these Deep Seed Trays with a lid mounted to the top of the Field Pack ?


Because I am seeing a recessed bar running left to right on the lid of this 'Tool Box', very similar to the seed ridges used for the main body of the Field Pack....


What do you guys think ?

Do we have a Tupperware Tub...

A Rectangular Box (the most popular Tool Box choice)....

or yet another Seed Tray ?

Place your bets !!! :woot:

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A bit more Photoshop magic, and I think what we are seeing is the 2nd coil (which is quite horizontal) picking up the light.

This would make the outer of the coiled part appear short.


I don't know.... It's fair to say we all see different things.

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Sorry Buddy, I misunderstood your point :6:

I also wasted an hour trying to work it out :woot:

That'll teach me !

Anyway, can you help me with my Tool Box, Seed Tray, Tupperware dilemma ?

Sure can try. First off, I don't think the tool box had a return edge at least I haven't seen one on any picture. The consensus is that they used kind of a project (enclosure) box such as this >>> http://www.t2retail.co.uk/userfiles/lg_images/Project_Enclosure_8x6x3_inch.jpg

However, if the box yor're holding in your hand has the right dimensions you could make it work. You just have to smooth the surface and cut off the return edge. The dimensions I used for my tool box were 20x15x6cm (HxWxD). Maybe you can add 1-2 cm to the length but all in all the dimensions look right to me.

Hope that helps!

Strider, you mean these 2 images ?

Yup :)

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That's interesting :)

I need to study the tool box pictures again because I'm convinced that it's not a rectangular project box, but a seed / drip / gravel tray as shown above with a lid.

That said, I have this ....


It's about the right size and will definitely work if all else fails.

Might be my plan B.

What I might do is build up both versions and take separate photos at the same distance and angle.

Then pick the style that looks most like it ?

I'll fit the tool box in a way that it can be removed easily.

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What measurements should the tool box be roughly? What are the measurements of that tupperware box and the seed try you found? I might have found a similar item here in Japan but it unfortunately has some extra tabs sticking out on the lip for the lid to lock on.

I am seeing it more as a tupperware/tray object when looking at all angles of the pack. The project box doesn't have the base raised line or the lip around the top.

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