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Machine's Move Along - Pack 3 Build (WiP)


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It just occurred to me that you're probably thinking "why go to all this effort, when you can buy these cast from originals in the Supply Depot thread ?"....

You see although that is a far easier, quicker way, it doesn't teach me anything new.

I know there will be parts that you just cannot get, that I can make myself with a little bit of skill and some 3D printing capability.

I'm getting better at using the software all the time (my latest strap plate took me about an hour using an accurate reference photo, but my first job of T21 Greeblies took me 2 days).

Learning something new and sharing that knowledge is good.

Plus, the printer cost me lots of money and I need to find a way of making it a worthwhile investment ;)

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I got feet and stitching !

The feet aren't super accurate, but given where they are.... Not going to lose any sleep over it.

I also did the stitching by hand :yucky: *Never again. Of all the techno wizardry around me, a sewing machine is one of those items that definitely don't have a need for. :thumbsup:

I've also bagged a pretty good Antenna. It's not far off the original, so that's good.


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Man. Your radio looks amazing.

If I remember correctly, a few years ago I was inspired by Sir Dave to upgrade my own radio. At that time just a few of us used the vinyl cover on the radio. And not everyboday had all the greeblies and intakes and stuff on it.

For us it felt like making prop forgery history...

But now, about 4 years later, a few of you guys have taken it to the next step. What we did as innovation is now the standard, abd you are setting higher goals.

I agree, you can only learn by experience... And building and reseacrhing and improving is that, lesrning by experience.

Your radio and whole project is looking awesome. Together with the research by Ruggero and Nick and co., and some of the other recent builds, you are really adding the exciting element to our detachment once again.

Thx for that... And congrats.

I am in a place now where I will only settle for a real sonix radio for my new pack on the works... But if i ever decide to hukd a new one, this is for sure a place to look for inspiration.

Thx bro.



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Thanks for your kind words and support, Juan !

I think everyone will agree, trying to replicate something that you only have 75% of can be frustrating, but ultimately very rewarding !

I've learned a lot of knowledge about all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff while starting on this journey.

I'm also finding out that you can't just buy 1 of something !

Because the 1 thing you want comes in a bag of 50 !

Or that I only need a 3" length of 67mm ID pipe, but I now have a 10 metre length in the shed :)

My postman now knows my first name, and my neighbours have started taking in my parcels on a daily basis !

I'm hooked now. I can't stop myself from thinking about this ****** field pack !

My phone is full of images that I'll only ever use once, and my fingers hurt from hot glue burns and stabbing myself repeatedly with a needle and thread :)

Does this sound familiar ?

I'm getting excited at the possible prospect that I might have my very own field pack soon :)

Thanks for all your support and advice along the way. It's a long journey and made easier by having company ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...


And it was awesome, but now i'm back it's time to crack on with the build.

Now... thanks to Striders efforts of finding out more info on an actual SONIX, I can get more greeblies completed on my own Radio.

Firstly, the measurements of a REAL Sonix are not the same as my cool little Crashmann Radio. But that's OK.

I'm going to scale the position measurements of the Jack Plugs etc. to match my own radio dimensions, so that they sit in the same places as the original.

For example, The original Radio is 240mm high. Mine is 210 mm high, so I'll adjust the positions of the first and second Jack plug and hey presto ! ..... Same places.

For reference (and anyone else who has a Crashmann Radio), the Jack plug positions are (First Jack) 113.7mm from Top and (Second Jack), 26.2mm down from that.


Interestingly, the position of the 5 Pin DIN socket mentioned (and you know I have to have that installed too :thumbsup: ) is EXACTLY where the D Ring is supposed to be !

That leads me to think that there are many versions of this Radio. Not necessarily produced by the manufacturer ( 1 version with a DIN socket and 1 with a D Ring), but modified by the consumer. There's nothing to say that the radios used on the Field Packs are brand new. They could have easily been picked up at a local 2nd hand Radio Store.

Therefore, I went with both the D Ring and 5 Pin DIN and kept the D Ring in the correct place (as seen) and moved the 5 pin DIN down the radio.


I also took the liberty of adding a DC Jack charging socket underneath, as once the faceplate is secured with wire, I won't be able to remove it anymore for charging the battery.

The DC socket runs to the charging port of the internal battery.

Anyway, I think you'll agree it's looking quite nice :yes:

I mentioned earlier that I found a pretty good approximation of the original antenna....


When you compare it with the reference photo's from the original Radios, it's not far off at all :thumbsup:


Mine is a 10mm Vintage Antenna with a washer to make the outer ring.

I just need my D Ring to turn up and then i'll add the wire and it's ready to fix to the Field Pack :woot:

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Oh... 1 more small thing ....

MY ARMOUR ARRIVED !!!! :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:

Now, before you say anything.... No, it doesn't fit properly yet.

I have many, and I mean MANY modifications to do to it before I can even wear it correctly :pinch:

But I had to try on what I could. The shins don't fit yet, the helmet needs to be made into a High Brow and the chest plate is too high etc... I could go on (And I will, but not in this thread).


I'm loving the weathering :yes:


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By the way, if you want to twist a pair of wires perfectly and easily....

Take a long piece of wire, fold it in two and put the folded end into a power drill. Put the loose ends into a vice. Pull nice and tight and whizz away !

Not sure if you knew that, but it's a top tip and worth mentioning :)

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Did you paint the 5-pin port , antenna base and mic/ear jacks black or did you buy them that way?

That radio is out of this world!

Thanks for the wire twisting tip! Definitely going to use that technique!

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Does anybody else think the 'Tool Box' looks like an upside down Drip Tray ?

I might be seeing things (again), but I'm pretty sure it has a lip on it ?

If it does, it's definately not a sealed box....


I'm also fairly conviced that it has slightly angled sides (like the seed trays only, less so).

Almost like this plastic Drip Tray....


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Yeah, it certainly looks similar. As you point out it has a very defined lip , great observation! You can see there is also a faint raised base line on the bottom of the box. I haven't found anything similar yet but this drip tray really looks close.

There was a photo someone posted a while back noting the flange around the tool box. I think it was in the Move Along Project Thread by Cal? Post a link if I find it again.

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Yeah, that's a cool build.

Not sure if this is the photo you're referring to, but it throws up a whole host of different questions !


What's with all the duct tape ?

That doesn't look like a sealed box to me now.

Based on other discussions, I too think that the field pack from this shot is the same Pack 3 (Move Along Pack).

There's tape in places I didn't see beforehand:)

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