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Machine's Move Along - Pack 3 Build (WiP)


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Tonight saw the marriage of my Shotgun Shells to my top seed tray :)


I've also got my gear in a massive plastic trunk now !

It's got wheels and a handle so I can cart about unnoticed.

Can't figure out if the wife is pleased after I promised to get rid of the large cardboard box in the office (only to replace it with this) ;)

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Guys and Girls,

I need your help !!!!!

I've been looking at the Duct Tape that holds the 2 halves of the lower seed tray together, and have been looking at many completed Field Packs.....

I've also managed to get a reasonable screen grab from my 1080P version of ANH and I have shown where the Duct Tape is positioned on the lower seed tray below.


What is looks like at first glance is 1 THICK piece and 1 THIN piece holding the two halves together.

But when I zoom in and adjust the contrast a little....

To me, it looks like both duct tape sizes are the same, only the bottom one wraps around the bottom of the outer seed tray.


Now I've been through this scene frame by frame, and the bottom piece definitely shows some sort of 'crease' in the duct tape that extends beyond a thin piece.

To me, it looks like 2 thick pieces.

So my question is, what do you think ? (Sorry, I got there in the end) :thumbsup:

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No expert on this but from what I see in the photo below is that it looks like the top and bottom tape are both thin. If my eyes re not fooling me, I think I see the top tape show a shadow from one peice wrapped over the next, just about in the middle. I could most certainly be wrong though.


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Ah ok, interesting !

So you think it's not a one fat piece, but a few wraps around of thin tape ?

That sounds more feasible, as the cross on the tool box would be a similar thickness.

Maybe the tape to hold everything together came from the same type of rolls ?

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This image might help . I think you can sort of see the bottom tray just behind the mortar tube, single tape line???


For the top taped area, when I look at this photo, it looks like the tape is in fact one wider sized tape used in these photographs. The light plays tricks with the shadows.



Someone played with the lighting in this photo so you can see the smooth surfaces better, lights & darks.

If you look closely at how the tape wraps around the edge of the seed tray, it appears to be one smooth wider piece of tape with no break lines.


Another possibility of what we are seeing is a wider taped used first then a thinner taped wrapped once around. For me that seems to be what I am seeing when analysing both angles represented.

Sorry I think I am adding more uncertainty into the mix. The photo I posted in post 131 does look like the tape was wrapped a few times around the top part of the seed tray, whether its just the thin tape or a combination of both. One other way to create a case for the tape is to look at all the packs and see what size tape was used on them all if possible. That would give the general idea of what may have been used solely or reveal the possibility for a wider size tape used. Haven't yet studied the other packs so maybe veteran members can lend their knowledge on this.

Shotgun shells look amazing. Love the supports you made for them and the central wires extending out.

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Thanks for all your help, mate. And for posting the photos :) I'm gonna struggle to get a thicker (2") wide piece of duct tape to wrinkle like that without some heat applied. I'll try some tests on both thick and thin, but I suspect it's a 1" wide roll that was used.

We also have enough images of the scenes to determine that the tape wasn't wrapped all the way around the seed tray.

It looks like the right hand side lower tray (when looking at the back of the Trooper), was made up of multiple strips overlapped, which makes it about 2" wide. Then further tape applied to the bottom right, although i'm still not sure on the thickness.

On the left hand side, we have 2 diagonally placed tape strips of 1" wide.

Might mock that up and see how it looks.

Thanks for your help again :thumbsup:

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Thanks Buddy.

It's carefully applied with Tamiya Black Gloss Acrylic.

I actually suspect it's some sort of glue (maybe CA) that's left over from trying to repair the Field Pack on set.

I used paint instead as I couldn't guarantee the control of the fluid to represent it. Looks similar though :)

I'm still looking for accurate parts though, but it'll do for now.

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Where did you get that white connector for the power switch?

My Awesome little Crashmann Sonix Radio ..... 20kt9gk.jpg Obviously needs weathering and a pleather wrap around, but inside are all the goodies :) It's now a proper Radio ! Only station it can pick up is TD chatter on Mos Eisley :)30m762a.jpg

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I love the switch idea and will try it when I get my radio in the works. But for my kids jawa costumes I bought cables with an ON/OFF switch as seen below. Works well.


Just a suggestion for anyone afraid to work with electronics like myself.

Thanks again Lee for the MP3 module idea and set up. Best plug and play set up I have seen and super cheap!

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Didn't even know you could get those :thumbsup:

Basic soldering is definately a good thing to learn, and with a bit of practice you'll be making all kinds of stuff !

My OCD kicks in when I have cables that are too long. That's why I pretty much make all my own.

As the switches in Crashmann's kit are real 2 position slide switches, it makes sense to use them :peace:

With armour on, I can actually reach my arm around the fieldpack and switch it on and off by myself.

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