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Machine's Move Along - Pack 3 Build (WiP)


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It's another Pack 3, folks !!!!! :woot:


I've started to gather my parts, and with a little help (make that a lot of help) from various sources on here (SID, Crashmann, Nick.Black to name a few...), bits have started to arrive :thumbsup:

Managed to bag a good starting point....

Karimor Tote-EM Senior;




I'm going to be grabbing as many pics as I can as I go through the build. It's a slow process though as like everyone, i'm striving for accuracy....

So please jump in with your comments, i'd really appreciate them as I go :yes:

By the way, if you're thinking 'Boy, that's some green grass', it's fake.

We have a dog. He's a digger.

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We have progress !!!

I've been looking for something that can play the 'Radio Chatter' loop from my Sonix, and I think I've nailed it :)

I needed something that was small, low power and play my audio file without any hastle.... And here it is !!!!


It's tiny !

So this little doodad was found on eBay. It runs off a 5v USB charger and automatically plays the MP3 file off the micro SD card as soon as it powers up. It has a 3watt onboard amplifier and is perfect for what I need.

Here's another shot with a temporary speaker and wiring setup to give you an idea of how it's plugged together.....


All I need to do, is wire the power cable through one of the switches on the front of the Sonix and it'll start playing within a few seconds.

If I get really adventurous, I'll use the original volume control knob location and fit a rotary potentiometer and have a real volume control to the speaker.

I'm going to be using a 3" 5watt AdaFruit speaker which will be plenty loud.

More photos to come ;)

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Seed Trays are here !

Thanks SID :thumbsup:

Now that the frame is stripped, height adjusted and quick primer, it's time to dry fit the trays....


I want to get as close the the Pack 3 as I can, so I'm even going as far as the tray separation and replicating the bottom tray's angle.


I don't think bending the frame is necessary....



Not far off ! :woot:

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Thanks mate.

Looking at the photo above of the actual pack, I'm not sure that the bottom of the lower seed tray was actually connected to anything. Effectively sitting on the troopers kidney / butt plate.

But putting the ally strip the other side of the frame made the angle so close to the screenshot, it got me thinking :)

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Thanks Buddy.

I'm on my second dying on the Karimor straps. Hopefully got it this time ;)

I wanna keep them because, well, they're comfy :)

I'm watching your backpack and build too mate. I'm pretty much using you all as my back pack building mentors.

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Definitely. I've got a roll of single sided 1" foam tape for that :)

I've also realised that I've forgotten to replace the strap rings before I riveted the ally to the frame, so they'll be coming off again. I also need to close the gap a bit more between the trays.

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I'm going to re-measure everything from the reference photos.

Hopefully I can use the Mortar Tube (with satellite dish) as the baseline length and scale everything from that.

What I need though is the 'agreed' length of this tube.

I've read a variety of sizes from 30" to 36" for the Move Along pack.

Any thoughts on this ?

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I spent some time with photoshop tonight, getting as many measurements as I could "realisticaly".

First things first, we need to align and scale both side and rear views so that they exactly match in height. I only scaled the image on the right to match, I didn't skew it at all so it should be pretty close to the original photo and was enlarged to match.

I took a number of reference points to ensure that the images were completely aligned.


Now we have the images aligned (left to right) we can do some simple math and start the process...

I know that my bare Karimor Frame (and I'm working on the assumption that the frame used was very similar, if not the same), measures 23 1/2" from the top to the bottom and is 14 1/2" wide.

Now I just need to overlay the frame based on the photographs below, using my best judgement as to it's position.


Measuring the lines in PhotoShop, I know that the outline of the pack is 10.62cm high (In Photoshop, not reality).

Therefore, a quick sum tells me that to get the size in inches, every 1 cm in PhotoShop is multiplied by a factor of 2.221 :wacko:

So I used the same formula and measured the length of the Mortar Tube. It comes out at exactly 35" cap to cap (Excluding dish). Which seems pretty accurate for this Back Pack.

Then I started measuring all kinds of things using the same formula for reference....


Now I appreciate that I could be off here and there, and the method I used doesn't take into account distance from the camera. But it should give me a pretty good starting point to work from :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some large cabinet door magnets hold the faceplate in place, and the speaker is countersunk into the polystyrene layer with a 3" tube to amplify the sound.

I did drill out the holes on the faceplate to allow the sound out.

I'll line the back of the faceplate speaker area with some black speaker cloth.

I covered the polystyrene inside with some adhesive black felt, just to keep it nice and tidy.

As the MP3 player PCB is not a serviceable item anymore, it's hidden in the polystyrene layer underneath the felt.

Nice and clean ;)

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Wow, that's beautiful!

And I love that you made the slide switch functional for the Sonix thingy inside :)

You should reinforce the faceplate with a sheet of plastic, at least for the top half. The resin is barely 1mm thick between the rectangles.


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Nice and clean job, bro :) Btw, I think your measurements of the backpack (at least the vertical ones) are off about ~1 1/4 inch. As reference we can use the height of Gordo's siphon or the radar dish which most people (myself included) think it's the 4 inch one.

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Here's my version of the Strap Holder against the one that came with the kit.

Charlie does an awesome kit, i'm not taking anything away from that, but i'm trying to integrate some 3D printed parts that are a little more accurate where I can.

Hope you don't mind, Charlie :thumbsup:


Here she is, complete with Antenna, attractive pleather surround, new Strap Plates and a pair of side jacks.

All ready for weathering once it's on the Field Pack. I'm please with that ! :woot:


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