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Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access


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I appear to have lost 501st access again.(mutter third time mutter)

Thank you,





Not sure why that is happening. Hopefully with the new forum, Group affiliations will stick. I may just start going through and adding people manually.

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I did the best I could to migrate from the old database. If someone has a list of email addresses I can do this in bulk. I'll ping Darren/Rome to see if they can provide one.

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Post your Name & TKID# here. When your post disappears, your permissions have been adjusted. This information also helps us keep an up to date roster for the MEPD voting group on 501stforums.com, where all 501st elections are polled.

After 2 1/2 years, I'm finally official. :-) Requesting 501st membership access.

Roger Stearns

(Dom Starscreamer)

TI 7434

Midsouth Garrison

Thank you.


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