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  1. Gack - not letting me upload attachments. Maybe when that is fixed I can upload a copy of the invoice.
  2. Hey everyone - I don't have site admin access to this forum anymore, but wanted everyone to know the site license for MEPD has been renewed. If anyone wants to help contribute to the $25 cost, my PP is feibao@gmail.com
  3. I am beyond impressed. It's this level of detail and research blow the mind. I couldn't read the whole thing in one sitting. Much coffee and free time, I'll need. Thank you so much!
  4. Can't wait to see this go live. Hard to have patience...
  5. Just checking in and am glad this is nearer completion. I think allowing ANH for L1 is the right way to go. It allows people to get in to this costume and then start upping their game. Will certainly raise my MEPD mug full of suds when this baby goes live.
  6. OK, that was fast. What needs to be done: 1. Update pack language. 2. Get pix for missing parts, e.g. pack & spats. 3. Update other pictures as needed. Time to ping the LMO...
  7. Since the base armor is ROTJ, I used the ROTJ TK as a base. You can see the CRL here: https://origin-wiki.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TD_magma TODO: 1. Add the pack 2. Add weathering 3. Add BFG as optional 4. Add spats Presumption: you would allow an ANH TK as a base (L1), then progressively move to full ROTJ as SWAT. That is to be decided by you guys. I'll see if I can get to all of these today, but you should start discussion on final wording now, as CrookedKnight has already submitted photos for processing and build what could be a base / first approval. And, before you get your noses out of joint to require ROTJ as base armor, remember too that sometimes you need to get the ball rolling. ROTJ is very rare armor and even on FISD we allow a lot of base ROTJ costumes to be ANH modified. And, MEPD used to allow dropboxes and TK sniper plates for L1. Truth. Anyway, I'm confident that MEPD will do right by this costume, just like it will for the special edition TD, and the R1 deployed troopers to follow.
  8. Can you believe it? MEPD will grown from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 approved costumes this year. That's a 400% increase from last month. LOL Anyway, I couldn't find anything over here (my apologies if I missed it), but in case you hadn't heard the Battlefront II Magma Trooper will be owned by MEPD. Why? Because it's a dirty boy version of a clean TK, and just has a few extras so is not custom enough to warrant SpecOps. I started on a CRL, but once it was clear it was coming to MEPD halted work. CrookedKnight has already done the costume and taken the photos, you just need to crank out some text and voila - instant CRL! Let the celebration begin!
  9. OK, I tried to take a look for the thread that had this, but couldn't find it. If this is a dupe, my apologies. I wanted to keep everyone updated on a few things regarding the Rogue One (R1) clean TK CRL on FISD, and also what it means for MEPD. The R1 CRL is textually complete and all we are waiting on to publish it are photos. We got a bunch from Jimmi, and it's in the hands of the LMO web team to process them. I can ping the LMO, but having more voices may add some urgency to the process. As you know in Star Wars there were clean TKs on board the ships, and deployed sandtroopers on Tattoine. In the same vein FISD is keeping the clean R1 TKs and even the R1 TK with dirt that are walking around on Jeddha, however the deployed versions of the Rogue One TK that have pack, pauldron, etc. are all going to be here, on MEPD. Actually, as I think about it the dirty R1 TKs - even without the goodies - should be here too. Why? Because the logical split between MEPD & FISD has ever been that this is the home for dirty boys and the clean tighty whities are over on FISD. So, that means at least one more CRL for MEPD to own. You can use our text, but you will have to get your own photos. In fact, if you guys act fast you can probably beat FISD to the punch in getting the CRL finalized if someone does the kit. Questions, concerns? Fire away!
  10. Thanks for sharing those photos. I've never seen them before - they are amazing! Can't wait to see this CRL final and someone do it, just 'cause. Heck, we only have 2 Sky Troopers in the Legion, and they are way more work.
  11. Daetrin

    New CRL

    Just an update, I posted a draft R1 TK CRL for the LMO to review. I'm hoping it will go live as text only soon as we're starting to get pictures coming in. My recommendation is that since the base armor is similar to simply copy it as a base. This is what was done years ago (2008?) for the TD CRL, we just took the ANH TK one and then made the modifications. Makes it far easier for armor makers and people converting armor when at least the L1 standards are identical.
  12. Necropost! I wonder how many of you remember this? Perhaps this can be printed on a placard?
  13. Which part? That you only have 309 posts? hahahahahahaha
  14. If you want to be even more OCD, how about adding a space after the colon on the profile fields, e.g. garrison, 501st ID, etc. I did that on one of the other dets.
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