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  1. I mean the tab under your avatar. It says "member" now. Should be Sandtrooper, don't worry, Mike will get you sorted out when he's pops by.
  2. Good luck for deployment But your forum profile needs to be updated first though. You may request for it over here http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=12352
  3. Done. on my PC and phone. Will do it on my work place computer on Monday as well.
  4. Cleared my cache. Works like a charm. Love the sand colour u choose as well. Good to have you back
  5. Testing quotes. Seems like the same. Do I need to clear my chache or something?
  6. Don't forget to fix the quotes Bluey
  7. Rob, do you know of this Grant Jones? I assume he have permission to use your image right?
  8. Congrats on deployment! Well done. Btw I can't find your Police Officer profile page, any ideas guys?
  9. Yup that's the only possible explanation. And he doesn't seems to be any one of the 2 troopers on the card he gave out.
  10. Smally, don't go easy on this one. Haha Good luck bluey!
  11. Nice work Mike. This the card he gave out. I see Mos Eisley Police Deaprtment on it. And TD-13117. I assume he used to be a 501st and now isn't? Are we able to find his forums ID?
  12. Hey troops, We received a PM over at our Facebook page from a parent looking for a trooper at Celebration Anaheim who bought a smile to her kid's face. She provided an ID TD-13117 but I was unable to find this ID in the database, most likely the ID is incorrect. She did provided a photo though, but cropped under the neck. So if anyone can identify this trooper from his armour and weathering, please give a shout out over here or PM me. Whoever you are, well done trooper!
  13. Look here friend http://www.looksirdroids.com/replica_sand-storm.htm
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