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  1. I wanted to throw this out there for anyone working on getting approval that needs to same some cash. I made these craft foam pouches several years ago with the intent on finding (and being able to afford) leather ones. I really can't believe it, but these things have held of for years now. When I show them to other 501st guys they can't believe that they are craft foam. I used super glue to keep them together, did all the little tricks to create the illusion of stitching, dusted they up well with some hairspray and fullers earth , and slide some foam in them to hold the shape better. Have a look at the video I watched to do it -
  2. Pauldron is from trooperbay.com undersuit is generic compression top and tights from Wal mart and neck seal is darman...
  3. Put a pauldron on that cast or add an ammo pouch! Great job!
  4. I just live without it of I don't have my pack on. I try to always wear my pack but have gone without it recently (once on stage with Weird Al and once when I barely had room to walk in a dense crowd and had been bashing it into people)
  5. Great build! Looks great. Good luck in the desert!
  6. How heavy is it? I built a T-21 and didn't focus on weight and it's way too heavy to troop with. Thinking about building what you have...
  7. Please move this for me if I posted in the wrong location... EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FOR THOSE WHO DON'T HAVE TIME TO READ ALL OF THIS Tyler has Stage 4 cancer and is 5 years old. They are asking for post cards and such. You can mail them to: Tyler DeCourcey 633 Folsom St, Fourth Floor San Francisco, CA 94107 He has a twin 5 year old brother (Alex) who I'm sure is having a tough time as well so maybe mention him, send an extra trading card, etc... Here is an email address if you want to email something: sylvandmike@yahoo.com You can get updates at CaringBridge.org ORIGINAL POST FROM 501ST.COM FORUMS Hi there! First let me say, my husband and I <3 the 501st. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't see another post on Facebook or somewhere in the news, about bad guys doing good, and it warms our hearts. Thank you SO much for all that you do. You are amazing. Recently we found out that one of our friend's twin boys (5yrs old) has stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. Tyler starts chemo this week. UGH!! His Dad is a HUGE Star Wars nerd as well are my my hubs and I. I am also a quilter, and crafter, and upon receiving this incredibly upsetting news, immediately made 2 little quilts, whose back sides look like jedi robes, with a little hood for each of the boys. This along with 2 light sabers, and a note "from Han & Leia" (We chose Han & Leia because we had a Star Wars wedding and that's who we dressed as), welcoming them as offical Padawans in training, will be delivered this Friday, in the hopes it will provide a little bit of comfort AND fun for both of the boys, as the one goes through treatment, and hopefully recovery! It got me thinking about the 501st. Do you have...like...little 501st donation angels that contribute things like this? And if so, I would love to participate. My heart aches for our friend's family, and any family that has to go through things like this, and helping out in some small crafty way, would make my millenium. The other question I had, was about requesting a post card from the 501st. Tyler's parents are asking for friends and fam to send post cards from all over the world with words of encouragement, and I thought it would be adorable for him to get one from the 501st from one of the Star Wars planets, or maybe the Death Star or some such thing. We would gladly make a donation to the 501st of course, and provide anything you requested to make it happen. Details: Mom & Dad are Mike and Sylvia DeCourcey Twin sons are Tyler & Alex (5 years old) Tyler has stage 4 Neuroblastoma and starting treatment this week They have a page set up for him at CaringBridge.org with updates. This is the post they made regarding the postcards: Tyler likes maps, so we have decided to put up at map of the world and USA and asking people to send postcards from where they live and travel so he can see how people all over the world are thinking about him and supporting him. The website also has an area to contact Mike & Sylvia with a message should you need to do that. And below are 2 pics of Tyler. Thank you thank you thank you for all your help! Cheryl Christiansen-Land We had the chance to talk to Tyler's Dad, Mike, today, and he agrees that the home address going out to the general public could be potentially bad. So, we got clearance to have it sent to the building that he works in, and it will be directed to the family by little mail angels from there. So here is the public posting address: Tyler DeCourcey 633 Folsom St, Fourth Floor San Francisco, CA 94107 Mike & Sylvia have no issues with the 501st contacting them by email, (sylvandmike@yahoo.com), and have no issues with the 501st having their home address for cards etc, as they trust it would be used properly internally, but agreed that any public posting should have the alternate mailing address. Thanks so much for thinking of that possible issue. If there is anything else you need, just say the word. He received our package today with their little robes and lightsabers, and they were VERY pleased, which of course melts our hearts. Mike promised pics of the boys in them tomorrow if you'd like to post a Star Wars themed pic instead of the ones I sent already. Sincerely & so VERY appreciatively, Cheryl Christiansen-Land
  8. https://instagram.com/p/6NKQ7XQyC_/ Breaking it down on stage with Weird Al!
  9. I found this guy in the road so before I drove her to the forest, my kids and I stuck a Sandtrooper on her and filmed the search for droids and added a few sound effects... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlnFHPcPpMs Enjoy...
  10. Thanks for the review and all of the help over the last several months. I'll get my photo ready and submitted.
  11. Sorry I'm just realizing (I think) that swat and PO standards are being reviewed and potentially revised and reviews are on hold. Is that correct?
  12. No rush as I know all 501st are volunteers but any idea on review times for PO requests?
  13. http://starwarsscreencaps.com/ I wish I had found this about a year ago. I'm sure many of you knew about it but there is just about every frame of Star Wars in screen caps on this site - in order... If this post should be in another location, please move for me...
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