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  1. Thanks, keep it up every day if you could. I have a ton of catching up to do.. You can each cast additional votes on your phone too.
  2. MEPD buddies! I need you to vote for my video for the Alien Gear contest. It will take 10 seconds of your time. I am WAY behind in the vote. Help me out. Go here: http://aliengearholsters.com/vote ( YOU CAN ALSO VOTE ON YOUR PHONE IF YOUR WIFI IS OFF) Vote for this video. You can do it once a day until the end of the month. I am WAY behind in votes. I NEED your help. If you are kind of enough to vote every day, that would be awesome. PLEASE VOTE. skutch. TD-2243
  3. Tye's armor looks killer, hurry up and deploy 'em or I'm holding the next run of merch hostage. LOL Tye, I think you have to invite specific emails to the dropbox for them to see it. Maybe they can see it already. I'm happy to host whatever pictures if you need me to post them. I just want you to get deployed. Soon.
  4. You are the man!!! We gotta skype soon, dammit!
  5. I don't know if this character qualifies as a side character, but Tarkin is my favorite character in the saga
  6. Slow down turbo and take time to get better! The MEPD will be around for decades and we need you with us bro.
  7. I'm 39 and definitely too old for an iPhone. Typing this alone is killing my eyes!!
  8. I get Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt about 3 times a day.
  9. I have one with the same chip inside. It's insane. Built in laser and LOUD, LOUD, LOUD. I love the blaster.
  10. is going to give up giving up things for Lent.

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