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  1. Looking very nice, best of luck with deployment! And thank you for your service.
  2. Looking forward to having you in the ranks buddy, best of luck!
  3. Beautiful Sandtrooper Joel, very nicely done. That T21 is top Knotch!
  4. Apologies there Kirk.
  5. Since when are backpacks not required for Police Officer???
  6. I had a blast and am proud of everyone involved in this project!
  7. Beautifly done. Your going to need pics of all four sides of your helmet, one showing you have correct green lenses, as well as pic of your gloves showing correct rubber hand guards. You may also need pics of your back plate, internal strapping and neck seal. Great job, good luck!
  8. Hit the desired areas with hair spray, blot on Fullers with a dry earth sponge, works very well for a natural look.
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