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  1. I just heard about this yesterday and it really saddens me. He was part of command team going back as far as 2006 up until 2008 I believe, I even trooped with him twice in the DragonCon Parade, he was always a very proud and supportive TD. I recall he once told me that after getting one of the first back pack kits I offered at the time, Steve Sansweet remarked at how accurate it was and said he did a great job of making it really authentic. Anyone know what happened to him? Natural causes, fowl play? Rest in Peace, brother.
  2. Be safe. A massive Hurricane is about to hit NC on Saturday, then work it's way up the coast to NY. Seconded the Cold Weather Faucet covers. They're cheap and perfect.
  3. We're throwing a big Halloween party this year, so I get to stay home and change costumes, etc. I plan to wear one of my Clone sets of armor (the misses asked for Comm. Gree), then I'll probably slip into my Alien/Nostromo crew outfit for the remainder of the night. As for Halloween night, not sure yet.
  4. That's a really nice build for someone so young. Great job, Best of luck!!!
  5. I saw Metallica once, when they toured for the Black album in 1991. Saw Megadeth and Anthrax twice, and Slayer once in 1992. That said, you couldn't pay me to go to a metal concert these days. After playing death metal for a number of years and doing it in a professional capacity, I'm officially burnt out.
  6. I've accepted a special mission for Lord Vader, to infiltrate the Rebel Scum. I think they'll never know the difference...
  7. Best regards. Take care Tom.
  8. I use two Ikea Detolf cases. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10011055 One helmet per space, no stands needed. I'll try to take some pictures tonight.
  9. I read this last night and was heartbroken for you... I literally wept with sadness. If you're ever in the Washington DC area, give me a call and I'll show you the town.
  10. Outstanding gesture of good will. Much like water finds it's natural equilibrium, I'm sure this backpack will find a deserving home.
  11. Wow! Nice stuff. I see Matt in there.
  12. Neat. Just installed it on my iPad, Washington DC is chatty this morning.
  13. Whoa, awesome picture! Got anymore?
  14. He's doing good we recently called in an airstrike near our position.
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