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  1. this is an awsome gesture and i think more garrisons should do it..
  2. yes mate i ordered 2 metres which was just enough for my hyperfirm but may need more if your barrel i wider niceand soft to hold but looks good and easy to work with and super glue works great if your at the mem or expo let me know i'll bring mine down for you to see and fingers crossed it'll be cleared by then too.
  3. hi mate i'm in the uk and i used sealsdirect.co.uk for the ribbs on my hyperfirm i used the expanded neoprene cord thinking of making a neck seal from it too.. fast delivery and good price too
  4. i've only been on the boards a couple of months but it feels like home.. here's to you all
  5. hi i'm from peterborough not far from you either.. and i agree with the extra bits of equipment (being ex forces) would be great for us to all wear our own gear but the ukg wont let you anyway .. Blaine
  6. awsome cant wait to see more of this hope the jedi scum gets it !!!
  7. tk8428

    Weathering test

    i used an airbrush on my commander it can look great but less is more put down very light layers ( so you can only just tell there is paint there) then wipe most of it off and then applt the next layer concentrating on the crevices but practice makes perfect so practice practice practice !!!
  8. looks awsome wish we had oppertunities like that in the uk ( and the weather )
  9. all great ideas next question how do we mount them on our shoulder??? sorry for the hijack
  10. tk8428

    my new toy

    thanks Guys the conversion is my next project after dirtying my armour lol i'm hoping it will be at home to meet me when i get back from holland next week.
  11. tk8428

    my new toy

    just bought this hyperfirm t21 http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/IgPyMrSTlMZcIG-TUvZWA2jZ0Dhi3Ug-60JXtIC8zFk?feat=directlink
  12. tk8428

    hyperfirm t21

    thanks guys i'll await the pics but think i'm already sold lol
  13. welcome mate i'm from peterborough thats not to far from you .. i agree with the extras comment would be nice to see sensible extras but i respect the other argument too lol
  14. tk8428

    hyperfirm t21

    not sure yet awaiting photo's so its worth the money (£400)$550?? the trooper imported it himself last year ! can i use it with any other costume
  15. hi i have been offered a hyperfirm t21 for £400 is it worth the investment?? http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/IgPyMrSTlMZcIG-TUvZWA2jZ0Dhi3Ug-60JXtIC8zFk?feat=directlink
  16. looks awsome i wish we had troops like that in the uk
  17. tk8428


    thanks mate i get home at the end of the month and cant wait to get started. downloaded the loop too sounds good just the weathering now !!! my favorite part
  18. well i still havent found it lol
  19. does that mean i'm not allowed to have the mp3 loop????
  20. no its not yet approved as a td it is approved as a tk and i have collected the parts to now finish it as a td( will start when i get back from international trip
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