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  1. I wanted to see if any one can suggest the maker of the most accurate pauldron I'm looking for the orange captain pauldron???
  2. I attacked it with a sander and that seemed to work
  3. I was seeing if there was a way to fade the orange on my pauldron it's too bright
  4. Here is the completed weathering Coments always welcome
  5. Here are some updated pics as always comments welcome
  6. Thanks for all the kind words I would like to first thank Pandatrooper and Sir Dave with their help. @sir Dave I don't know yet if I am I do want to get that same feel of 76
  7. I'm trying the one color weathering I'm useing the burnt umber comments are always welcome
  8. kf990

    Weathering help

    Thanks only question was his color his used he said he used burnt umber but his is reddish when I used mine it turned out more brown
  9. kf990

    Weathering help

    I'm trying to come as close as I can to the same weathering as Anthony had in his move along scene I was wanting to see if anyone had and good reference pics I could use
  10. Here is the finished hasbro helmet mod I did for a friend let me know what ya'll think
  11. Congrates man I know the feeling it's normal so don't worry just have fun with it y'all be surprised how fast the grow up
  12. Here are some of the latest pic of where I'm at Comments always welcome
  13. kf990

    Belt issue

    Thanks I tried velcro on sat at comic con it seemed to work well but we'll see
  14. kf990

    Belt issue

    thanks that helps alot
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