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  1. td7603


    i was gonna say, i just talked to him the other day. he will ALWAYS get you your item. if he doesnt get back to you right away, he will. he a very busy important man!
  2. more pics from today's troop to the USArmy Aviation Attack and Recon base. And let me tell you... Squeezing into helicopters is NOT an easy feat, and I'm not really a big guy.
  3. sounds good to me. you don't need any type of account for iTunes. I don't have one. I use it cause its far easier than winmedplayer or (shudders) WinAmp which my wife insists on using.
  4. what other mp3's do you have in there? you could always make a playlist in itunes and add loop 1 and loop2 in there and just shuffle them, and they should play well together. OR you could copy loop2 and rename it something else a few different times, and let it run. This is what I am thinking of doing this weekend.
  5. you rock man. I will be looking forward to seeing what you woudl accomplish for 2011!
  6. I have put my medium sized camelback in my spacepack, and have trooped with it under the armor. the armor doesnt fit right with the CB in there, but we were hiking up several thousand feet, so it was necessary for safety. I dont think you can get one in a cannon pack though. the boxes might be okay, if you cut into them from the frame side, but you'd have to get tube extenders form a sports store or somethign to get the hose to reach under your armor and up to your helmet. My question is. Do you do events where you have your helmet on that long, or rather in a troop where you do not have the ability to go take a drink in a "out of sight" location?
  7. The MEPD Loop2 radio chatter loop. version 2. I haven't installed the screens or anythign yet, as they fell out. This thing is old, and needs repair. The pack is an old spacepack made by Ward Jones I think from VA back in the early 2000's or late 90's I know its a Spacepack, but i like my Spacepack compared to my cannon pack. I'm weird I know. Loop2 is awesome, I forget who made it, but thanks!
  8. i said what for. and im not kidding either...
  9. i can no longer attend this parade as i was kicked out of the rebel legion for not giving them 48 hours notice of what costume i was to be wearing at the Rex Allen parade a few months ago, as well as posting on facebook a general interest post of who was going to this parade. Sorry.
  10. man, this thing is pretty awesome!!!!!! cant wait to see it together.
  11. rock on Josh! be awesome to see a whole platoon. Be sure to let Dustin or Wayne know that you're gonna be onboard.
  12. only three sandies signed up so far. any other takers???
  13. i pruned several hundred last year as well.
  14. I'm not a part of the Dune Sea Garrison, but Its on the legion main boards. So in case you haven't seen it, the Fiesta Bowl Parade, held in Phoenix Arizona every year is coming upon us soon. Last yer there was a TON of snowtroopers. I'd love to see a sea of TD's out there this year. I cannot march as a TD as 501st style clones are needed to back a Sith lord Anakin, and there are only a few out in AZ, so I'm helping out in that part. But if someone can fit in my armor, I'd be glad to lend it for the parade. Anyone in the southwest wanting to come out to this? It's been a blast the last few years. Like a slightly smaller version of the Rose Parade. Its only about 2 miles I think. heres a snippet of us from last year. this year we are having a marching band and a float. more details to follow...
  15. been very busy recently...sorry I haven't been on much... but here's why! don't worry. she will have TD armor soon!
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