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Bee Stinger Faucet Covers No More


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Looky what I was able to secure from ebay...



Italian 70's water canteen.

If this was the original part, I have to figure out how to replicate this thing.

Looking good John, i think you are on to something right here :thumbsup:

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I looked in three Home Depot's and a Lowes, and could not find any of the classic faucet covers. Considering it is almost spring, in spite of the snow we had yesterday, it would be logical for the stores to cut back on their inventory of them.

However, looking at how the new ones are shaped, and how they stack inside the cardboard box, I don't think we'll ever see the old style again. You can easily fit three times the number of faucet covers in a shipping box:


The 70's canteen that Quartermaster found looks like a very good replacement. Although it's a little tall. That can be easily fixed with a saw :)


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Still waiting on my dad to report back on any stock at the local Home Depot.

Quartermaster, that is a great purchase. I was just researching how to do hollow casting and came across slush casting. It is similar to slip casting for ceramics. Just mold the object in silicone, pour enough resin in the mold to build a desired thickness, seal the mold and rotate the mold for a specific time until it cures. Just have to stand there and keep rotating the mold by hand or you can build a rotating rack to evenly apply the resin inside the mold (see picture number #2. After that, some foam-hardening filler can be injected to prevent any collapsing. I never tried molding /casting yet but this seems like a good idea to keep resin cost down and keep it light weight & somewhat less breakable.




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I've been down this road 2-3 times myself already. Even had one place say they "physically" checked and had the oval ones. Had 2 cases delivered to my house only to find both were the pyramid shape. Uugghh!!!

Most places have not updated their photos on their websites and they are also using the same Model # as the old style.

Don't be fooled by the pictures or them telling you they checked their computer and show they have them in stock.

Unless they have eyes on them to confirm the shape is oval, they are wrong.

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I wish I had seen this thread sooner. I'll make a hardware store run tomorrow and have a look. We have a home depot and a Lowes. There are also one or two Indy hardware stores in town that might have a lower turn around on inventory and might still have a few. I'll let you guys know. Also my dad tends to hoard things like that so I'll try to excavate his garage and see what I find.

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Okay, I checked my local mom-and-pop store, and in their system, the rectangular one has a different SKU then the oval one...


They are considered "broken box", so any quantity can be ordered. I have one coming in next Wednesday (missed this week's cut off). If this pans out to be true, I can order a mess of them. Well, actually, the system says they have 1,421 but can't carry that amount on my own. :happy:

But if anyone, or Garrison wants to order a case, we could go gangbusters.

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Waited a week and a half. On-line pic was round. Product received was a pyramid.

Same product number. Same SKU. Even the SAME BARCODE!! ...different product. :verymad:

I feel punked.

Edit: I have another lead I am pursuing.

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