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  1. Kit looks pretty good. Aside from what the fellas above mentioned, you'll need to change the tube stripes from the decals that are on it and hand paint them on. And you will need a back pack for P.O. And I don't think the Hasbro conversions are allowed anymore either. Good luck man!!!!!
  2. Actually, that was not the Ab rivet I was referring to, but you need that one to. And it is a male snap that you need there. I am referring to the little Ab rivet in the middle of you Ab plate. there is a little rivet head that goes in the bottom left corner of the middle box on you Ab plate. Photobucket is currently down or I would post a pic.
  3. Hey dude, kit looks great! Couple of things I see though. Your belt is a bit high and a little of center. While the off center is really kind of a asthetic thing, you cant see the ab rivet that you appear to be missing and I am pretty sure it is a requirement. Easy fix though A closer look at your helmet lens to make sure they are green. Shine a flash light in it, And a shot of your kidney plate left side to see the other 3 rivets. Digging the weathering to, great job!!! Almost there man!
  4. Dude, your kit looks pretty good! I am also a SCG guy, I am in Long Beach. A couple of things I see: 1. Your left shin looks odd, almost warped? Perhaps it is just the way you have it on in these pictures? 2. As Airborne said, I would close the gap between the back plate and kidney, but honestly, with your pack on, it wont matter. And you will need to submit pics with your pack on. Click on the link Airborne provided above to see all the pics that required for submittal. there is quite a few! 3. Some the CRL's changed a bit last year. Go here http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/54-crl-updates/ to see the changes as you will need to make them before submitting. Looking good dude! Good luck!
  5. First, your kit looks great, really digging the weathering. It is true, for P.O. you need a pack, but you do not need the cheese grater hand guards. And pretty sure you'll need a blaster for approval to. There is a couple of guys that make pack kits here that are awesome. Or you can build it yourself which is fun. And I NEVER troop without my pack And definitely flip your pictures! Good luck!!!!
  6. Dude, totally digging the weathering! Looks awesome!! Couple of things I see: 1. Your gonna need to paint the rivets white as was mentioned before, and I am gonna assume you need to paint the rives on the ammo belt on the thigh to, easy fix 2. Your pack looks awesome! But your thermal det. plate is too long. You will likely need to shorten it. Depending on how it is attached, should also be a easy fix. Also, I think the tube should be attached to look more perpendicular to your person. But that could be subjective 3. Your belt seems a bit low to. You may need to move your snaps, but it will look much better if it sat higher in the front right at the bottom of the center ab square you'd be golden Only small stuff I see. Your kit looks great man! Good luck!!!!!
  7. Aside from the missing pack the kit looks great! Are the tube stripes painted or decals?
  8. I am not a fan of fullers earth, but have seen great results from people using it. I used acrylic paint and I think it looks great. I initlaly read this tutorial here to get me started: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=4973
  9. Dude, looks really good, only a few things I see. Your pack does need to come up. Great job on that! Need to paint those rivets white and weather them up a bit. same with the non-functional screws. Also, your belt is way too low! Need to bring that up also. And yea, I would replace the 4 buttons with the 3 button, though I don't think it is a requirement. Great job man, almost there!!!!!
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