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Bee Stinger Faucet Covers No More


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Gary has a point, You can use brush on silicone, for that the blue would work, or the platinum if you go mass production. Then just make a plaster mother mold around it to keep the shape, pour with an ounce or two of resin and roll it around til it coats evenly. Vac form would work on my table you'de get four maybe five.

I like the 70's Italian canteen best, that would be the one to cast. It has a nice shape.

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After looking at these a bit more, even though a slush cast would work, my faucet cover rides on my butt plate a bit. HIPS or ABS pulls have give and will bend, but a resin slush cast wont be as compliant cause it will be much more rigid and crack before if would give. Pulling would be best. If I have time this weekend, I was gonna pull my faucet cover and cast it. But pulling these would cost a little more than the 2-3 bucks the faucet covers cost, when you can find them of course :)

I am nearly done with my top part though. I am gonna cast it and see how heavy a resin piece of it will be. Otherwise, it may be best pulled. to for weight....

Pictures forthcoming...... :td:

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Scootch, you hit the nail on the head!

The faucet covers could be vac-formed, but the price would be a bit more than what the originals sold for at the hardware store.

I was thinking the mold would be three pieces. Two parts would be half of the faucet cover laying on its side.


Then the top to match the canteen shape.

You would glue the two halves together and clean up the seam, then glue the cap on top.

To get a good quality pull on the vac table would require a full sheet of plastic, and that's where the increased price comes from.


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I tried vacuum forming these a few years ago with terrible luck. Crashmanns idea would work but it would have to have decent skirting and mold work. Having it butted up end to end with decent skirting would work. You would have to cut them out and glue them together though. Another idea would be to make an injection mold. That's how they are really made originally.

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Ha, if only it had been a canteen...... :)

I have poured and made a buck for my topper. Gonna try to pull one in the next week or so. I have been building armor for someone else and it has taken away from the project a bit. But soon....

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