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  1. Nice catch! yeah those popup here and there on E-Bay and it's always rewarding. I wish was the same with the radios ^_^ I savaged mine to make the mother mold, very brittle plastic and removing the bottle was a little pain.
  2. Nice thought! I've never seen that pic so clean. Did you made that up? BTW I am after that piece since a while and I spent days trying to figure out the shape of it. Here my references visible on the pack #4 hope it help a bit more to untangle this knot.
  3. The Imperial Supply Depot in UK does good pauldrons too
  4. What if the UK prop store didn't use any Hong Kong radios but a local brand? We have seen this happening already with the Karrimor frames, the toilet syphons, the tupperwares sto&go and few other bits on the backpacks. How many radios they needed? Four, five and few custom ones to mock up the real ones. Maybe buying them in a local store without going that far to buy few would have been simpler. I have seen many re-branded ones or specifically made for the UK market.
  5. I am the other member and I am in contact with the European supplier already which cares after custom fees and shipping costs for the part of the world. I am selling the exactly same canteens at the best affordable price I could get from them and offering a fair price for all the members (bare postage stamp's costs added for international shipping). I also have a mould of an original GioStyle style that I found on eBay with all the logos on it and I sell cast of it in sturdy Smooth-on D-65. But believe me it's way harder and time consuming make only one per time than get the brand new ones.
  6. Nice job Jack! I do love to see the Britannia Patrol ranks growing in this way!
  7. I've found those brackets on another couple of radios similar to the Sonix one. Seems that back in those years was a must. Only one thing is that not being a Sonix or Northern Star I wouldn't rely too much on these measures
  8. are you referring to the Left or right side? if the left I use the splited rivets with a washer each for the right side the snap
  9. I have no access from work in the UK but I double checked with other here and seem fine to them.
  10. same here on Firefox and Chrome on Linux and Windows versions
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