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  1. I would like to fill the midwest garrison spot
  2. I would be able to help in any way I can boss man.
  3. C2E2 was a blast... I found some new droid...... BB8

  4. Any idea when there will be feedback about who the detachment chooses for each garrison?
  5. I have Police Officer status and live in Illinois. I can head up the Midwest Garrison area. I have built my armor by myself and own a quartermaster backpack. I know the differences between TD/TK. I have knowledge about armor build, backpacks, guns, pouches, etc. I have also built: A Biker Scout, ARF trooper in camo, and Sith Lord. I have been in the legion since 2011.
  6. I just got the updated phots from river studios...heres the link...http://s1115.photobucket.com/albums/k553/TDsarge123/
  7. I mentioned his name at an event last week.. it seems not too many people know his work... I can tell ya being a newbie that he was a great find to help with my build.
  8. my lid was made by mike from trooperbay... He does awsome work....well worth it and he has great communication.. fantastic guy to deal with. Did I mention it comes already finished...yes painted... dude is awsome
  9. thanks again everyone for such great support.. nice to have extended family here on M.E.P.D.. Thanks, TD sarge 6074
  10. I will send you guys some update picss i am going next wed for photo shoots by river
  11. I have the same armor.. Good stuff... easy to build once you get it going
  12. Hair spray works pretty good. The problem comes into play when water gets on it. So you have to seal it with instant drying lacquer. It makes it water resistant and dries clear.I picked a can up from ACe hardware for like 6 bucks. ACE brand...
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