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RT-97C - made with real parts ...

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Over the years, I've found the parts to build a true RT-97C:

- Deactivated MG15 in transport box
- single point scope
- Enfield Scope with mount
- and finally a "Tabby Type F" of the RAF

Well, you could, if you wanted ... but should I really mount the parts on the MG? Drill holes in the bakelite and screw on the scopes? I think no. I will present the pieces individually in my collection and enjoy it. :lol:

Here are some pics of the pieces:
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That's a great collection of parts Thomas. It must had been hard/ time consuming to come by them all. Makes sense to leave them in original condition. Looks awesome!

Sent from my SM-A505W using Tapatalk

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50 minutes ago, Darth Mout said:

MARAVILLOSO.....Simply aweso0me Thomas. I´m just finisihing my MG15 build, so this pics will help me in the process. Thanks For sharing!

Rodrigo, if you need special pics - tell me.
Regards Thomas

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What the ****, Thomas?!? I’ve been hunting the Tabby for ages now...

There was a eBay auction only a few years ago and it sold under $50 iirc, I was down in frustration for weeks back then...

Congratulations, what a great find, bro!   :peace:


Can’t wait to see these beauties assembled by the master!   

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I soooo love this infrared scope!


About three weeks ago I bought a Tabby on EBay.co.uk, already payed for it but unfortunatly the seller used EBay’s global shipping program to have it sent to me and guess what...

Pitney Bowes, the company responsible for the global shipping program, held it back, literally stole it from the actual owner, ME, due to some legal acts dealing with war related items. They actually not even explained it to me any further but end of the line I was refunded the money I payed to the original owner, the original owner was payed the very same amount I was refunded and Pitney Bowes simply kept the scope...

After countless corespondents with eBay and Pitney Bowes they stopped answering my requests and that’s it!

Life is a bi..ch, huh?


So if you ever buy any war related stuff avoid using eBay’s global shipping program at all costs!!!

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Really?? What a huge mess! The same applies in Germany, but affects everything that is older than 100 years. It may also be that it is drawn in. Then it has to be decided whether it is an important cultural asset or not ...

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Yeah, I’ve heard about that rules.

On the other hand I know of at least three other guys with absolutely no problems having this scope shipped with other shipping companies.

The worst thing is, that not even the original owner had a chance to get his scope back and decide what to do with it. In my personal opinion he, as original owner, or at least me as the new owner was stolen this scope without any further informations or possibility to do anything about it.

I talked to various persons with more knowledge about that kind of rules or regulations and they agree that this specific rule is actually a US regulations that shouldn’t include UK sold items, even if shipped by a US based company.

i wouldn’t wonder if that very same scope was or will be sold at a much higher price by a UK auction house.

I feel cheated by eBay and their global shipping program ruined by Pitney Bowes, which not even had a email address to contact and discuss my problem! 
Anyway, I will never ever use this fu....ing global shipping program ever again! 
And I really do hope I will ever find a affordable scope somewhen....

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