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*ACTIVATED* TD-17778 Requesting Deployment #51


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Thank you fellas, won't be possible without you guys! 

This application is not finished without some nicer pictures. 

Looking back, from my 501st application, to this SWAT now, i learnt a great deal about weathering, collecting vintage stuff, and most importantly friendship. From the start, sandtroopers have always intrigue me. There's just that "vintageness", in building a sandtrooper set. 
Friendship wise, I was lucky enough to meet someone in MEPD few months ago and i really look forward to meeting more of MEPDs in the future.


Note: I have since toned down the shoes weathering..



my favorite.... 


Thank you all, move along... move along... 

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Another update to the armor: 



First, the skull mark on the chest. Wasn't happy how its right eye (left on viewer's point of view) is higher than the left. Eye adjustment it is.


screenshot2018-05-23af2ku9.pngThe mystery line is now further extended to the center. Might add a little less pronounced dirt onto these lines...


screenshot2018-05-23agnj2y.pngAnother revision to the right shoulder bell, something i previously wasn't quite happy about. From what i make, you can almost see another skull mark there. 

The mystery tape & some light weathering...


Thank you all, constructive criticisms welcomed. Updates to the backpack coming soon. Salute troopers! :td::salute:

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