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Gino SANDTROOPER 'Move Along' backpack


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Vader was the first costume I ever tried to replicate. 'Move Along' sandtrooper was the second.

So it was EXTREMELY satisfying to finally have one put together that I was happy with after all this time.

The morning of the first day of Celebration, I woke up at 4am and weathered the entire suit. And since I had forgotten the paper towels in storage, I had to use hotel room tissues! True story.

I want to give a shout of thanks for all the people who helped with one part or another. Strider for his awesome seed trays and karrimore frame, RS for their found item mushroom caps, karrimore pack straps, and fantastic Tunisia E-11 build, and Blaster for his MP40 hip pouch replica. Also thanks for all the support from all the guys here who put up with me while trying to bang this out, Woody, RS, Strider, Rolf looking at you guys.

I hope you guys like it as much as I do.











Just to show how long I'm been messing with this prop, here's a comp showing the various versions I've made over the years.

Back in the 90's the only reference available was a couple promo stills and pausing the VCR! 

At the time those old packs were made, I hadn't seen anyone else attempt an 'accurate' version of a backpack. Only random tupperware fixed together.




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your suit and builds has ways been a key inspiration for me, and i guess to us all out there.

I remember when i first found you and art´s web site www.looksirdroids.com it blow me away, and even after all these years it still one of the major sites out there for good sandy knowledge. In fact it inspired me to create the mepd swat program back then.

Your suit here are a true beauty, one of the best i have seen. Lots of good stuff all over it.

And for the back pack you have the title as the best/most screen accurate back pack out there for now.

But i will do my best to come after you ha ha...

Thanks for the pics and inspiration bro ;)


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3 minutes ago, gino said:

I appreciate it so much guys. 

And Rolf that's awesome man. I had no idea. 

Look how far we've all come! :td:

Thats true story right there bro.

You and Art inspire me to do the MEPD SWAT program back then ;)

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Hah, don't let me talk about Art's Sandtrooper...

I was chasing for more than 5 years to get one of Gino's suits after i found www.looksirdroids.com

Unfortunatly when i finally bought one i wasn't able to build it because i took a outtime from propbuilding after my son was born.

I still have it in storage and it's still one of my holy grails even after the real suit showed up with the RS guys.

Art's suit took it to the next level back then...    i still love looking at those pics!

Both Art and Gino share this passion for accuracy and won't stop till perfection!

Honor where honor is due, the rest are just haters to envy to acknowledge it!



Just as a footnote:

Maybe consider to share some more of your knowledge, Gino! At least here on the MEPD forum your input is much appreciated!

I know you can`t share all your inside knowledge due to your affiliation with LFL/Disney but just a little bit...   pretty please!  :engel:



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37 minutes ago, deckard1138 said:

Awesome build! Question, based on this build should we in fact have the dial, sonix, and control letters for swat?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Only if you can show reference pics for it ;-)

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I love how accurate looking your exhaust port looks and was wondering how you made it or if it is a found part. Looks the best I have seen yet. Do you make these for sale?  

If possible could you provide some measurements or materials used to make it. 3D printed? 



I tried sending you a PM but it said you cannot receive messages. Hope to hear back about the exhaust port when you get a chance. Thanks.

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58 minutes ago, gino said:

You guys think this thread should be stuck? Found it somewhere on pg.2

:duim:Yes, should be pinned for future reference. Great work. If you ever get a chance please PM me about the exhaust port I was inquiring about. 

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I know Gino for years now and I highly doubt he will do so.


His sense for accuracy is among the best I know of and his builds always surpass the very most of us.

But he has never been very into sharing his knowledge.


Don‘t get me wrong, in contrast to many others, I really can’t resent his behaviour!

It’s just not his style and I can definitely live with it! 

(By the way, I really do hope one beautiful day he will change his thought and share his knowledge, at least with me, :peace:)

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