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*ACTIVATED* TD-68686 SWAT Member #46


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Hi Roger.

Here are my answers:-)


to 1: yes. your trooper is the Alley/ Docking Bay Captain V1 and this one had two small spanish pouches on the hips

to 2: yes, your chest is a smaller one but for me you don't have to Change it. It is ok.

to 3: I mean the end part of the Barrel. At the Moment I have some Troubles to upload a new Picture from photobucket to Show you what I mean....but I will do my best:-)


Thank you dude!



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You got this brother, like Trooper 1 said, Its mainly weathering.. Easy changes,  almost there. :duim:

I think what Felix is trying to say the T21 barrel at the end might be too long ?? best wait for him to get pictures up...  


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Thx guys! I'll grab another pouch from Anthony and proceed with the changes. Thanks for the clarification Felice. I look forward to more info on the T21 you mentioned. :duim:

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I'm stuck at work all weekend, Roger. Give me something to look at to pass the time  You got this! 

Ha! Too funny! Anthony is about a week out on pouches right now and still waiting for clarification on the T21 barrel from Felice. I am working on all the other stuff. If I can get a good jump on it I might post those changes. Don't work too hard
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Ok made some progress. Here's what I have so far...
Ears have been thinned.
More gap in ears.
More dirt on ears. Including ear bubbles.
Trimmed brow trim slightly.
Less dirt under eye.
Thinned out and lightened top crack.
Moved bottom crack forward slightly.
Added paint run to the back.
Removed two weather spots from forehead.
Added dirt specs per Strider's comments.
Added dirt to right shoulder bell.
Added dirt to left forearm.
Added dirt to circled spots in comments. 94911d41ee2a5c6de2b3d0e138e3091c.jpg
Added dirt to right hand guard.

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Couple small fixes tonight.
Removed mesh from behind teeth.
Lightened coffee stain on pauldron.

I'll make the changes to the pouches once I get the new one in.

Felix any more info on what I need to do to the T21. I'm almost at the point to start making those.


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@Felice I'll probably have some time this weekend to work on a few things so if you can let me know what you were thinking on the T21 barrel I'd like to get that started. You mentioned other reference you had to show me what you were talking about. Thanks! :duim:

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Hi Roger,


because of the T-21 and the end of the barrel I can't explain it better like with this picture in my review.

The end of the barrel is thicker than the rest of the barrel, right? If you have the chance to sand it a little bit down like in the original movie shots and of the original

lewis gun picture it would be great. If it is not possible it is ok:-) Alright dude?


Thank you very much and enjoy your build AND your weekend!!




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