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Grey-blue Color for Backpack Parts


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That’s what I’m using now. It looks great. I think it has a much closer finish than the Battleship Grey

I wanted to try it after seeing your colour comparisons. Thanks for doing that!

It's nice that in comes in a can from a local hobby store too.

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Looking at options for what gray paint to use for my pack, the Tamiya TS-66 looks nice but i am curious if anyone knows if there is a 'off the shelf' Halfords brand of spray paint that matches the Tamiya or RAL 7031?

If not maybe a European based auto paint?

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49 minutes ago, Duden15 said:

Thanks Paul

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Was there ever a consensus/decision on the definitive colour to be used? I went with Humbrol 47  for the following reason:

During production in 1975/76, the Borden Group bought out Humbrol Paints, and merged them into the 'Hobby Products Group.' As part of a marketing push to get their products into the hands of professional model makers, 'Spectrum Packs' of the range of Humbrol enamels were distributed to the biggest studio workshops (Pinewood, Elstree, Shepperton and Bray Studios). The thinking was, the paints could be sold 'to the hobbyist as the 'paints the professionals use.'

Now, money was tight on set, and a prop builder would use as much free material as they could (and still do today!). Thats the rationale for my choice as Humbrol 47 is the closest match from the paints available in 1975/76

So the next thing to consider is the actual cameras used, the film stock, and the conditions they were shot under. Despite the 'Roadblock' taking a film time minute to play out, it was shot over two days in varying light conditions as the sun moved across the sky, from fully flooded to angled, more diffused light. The Panavision cameras were using  Eastman Colour Negative II 100T Film Stock on location for its all round lighting conditions performance (as opposed to other cameras and stock in the controlled environment of a studio)... the downside is the colours are washed out and lose vibrancy and saturation.

So, In summary, in real life, the 'blue' components were a light shade of blue, but on celluloid, after passing through a camera, onto the film stock, in varying light conditions, they appear 'greyblue' on screen.

Which leads me to my question... if I am going for accuracy (for Police Officer Deployment) am I going for a replica of the real life item, or the screen version)? Both are technically accurate...



Road Block.jpg

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I tend towards battleship gray or RAL 7031 when looking at the comparison pictures here in this post. Is the humbrol color the right one? I don't know, but you have to find a consensus.  The discussion has been going on for some time. The 7031 / battleship gray has been agreed for a long time. That means, no - you will not fulfill the PO application with the Humbrol 47.

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